Why Am I Still Single Quiz Let’s find out!

Why Am I Still Single Quiz

Let’s face it! Sometimes, we do want some romantic love and pampering from that special someone. This desire seems to only grow when you’re surrounded by lovy-dovy couples.

Is Cupid ever going to shoot his magical arrow of love for me?

And while there’s nothing wrong with being single, you may sometimes wonder why am I still single? What could be wrong?

If this sounds familiar to you, you’re going to enjoy our reliable Why Am I Still Single Quiz? Just tick your answers, and we’ll reveal the true reason behind your singlehood!

  • Question of

    What was the reason behind your last breakup?

    • Honestly? I haven’t had a real break up yet. I mean, I haven’t dated anyone that seriously.
    • I didn’t feel good about myself anymore
    • Still trying to figure out
    • My partner didn’t meet my expectations
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    It’s your first blind date in ages, but your date arrives late. How do you react?

    • Feel bad a tad. But don’t say anything
    • Tell them my time is precious
    • Not react. But think about my previous partner who was always on time
    • Decide in my head that this is the last date, lol
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    Where would you take your partner on a date?

    • Somewhere he/she likes
    • Somewhere I like
    • Somewhere I’ve been to with my old lover
    • A 5-star restaurant/Anywhere classy
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    How do you want your future partner to be like?

    • Kind/caring/loving
    • Like me
    • Like my ex
    • Successful/rich
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    What’s your phone’s wallpaper?

    • Nature/Pets/Family
    • Myself
    • Sad quotes/pictures
    • IDK, random!
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    What’s your go-to outfit for a date?

    • Casual
    • Dressed to kill
    • Anything Denim
    • Formal/Elegant
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    What do your friends have to say about your singlehood?

    • Encourages me to go out more and open up
    • Tries to set me up
    • Advises to move on
    • Nothing much
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    What’s that one thing you cannot stand about a person?

    • Lack of compassion
    • Asking me to change my personality
    • Unfaithfulness
    • Failure to meet expectations
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    Suppose your partner made a big mistake and apologized. How would you react?

    • Accept the apology
    • Depends on how well he/she apologizes
    • I really don’t know
    • I would genuinely be turned off.
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    Are you open to change yourself for your partner?

    • Yes, as long as the change is for the better
    • Hell No
    • Maybe
    • Only if they agree to change themselves too