Getting His Attention: Why Is He Ignoring Me Quiz

Why Is He Ignoring Me Quiz

Everything about him is great: how he acts; how he looks, but there’s one thing that’s missing, and that’s his attention.

If the man of your dreams has been ignoring you, then you may feel a little helpless about what you can do to grab his attention.

In today’s Why Is He Ignoring Me Quiz, we’re going to ask a few questions that can help determine why he may be ignoring you.

By the end of it, you should have a better idea of what you can do to get his attention back, or you’ll at least know that you should try and seek that attention elsewhere.

  • Question of

    What’s the first thing you do when you see him?

    • Run up to him and try to get his attention
    • Watch him longingly
    • Try to get him to interact without success
    • Be surprised by his lack of a reaction to you
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    Does he talk to you when you’re around him?

    • Yeah, but only to tell me to stay away.
    • Yeah, but he’s never very enthusiastic.
    • He usually seems distracted.
    • No, he doesn’t talk to me.
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    What do his friends think of you?

    • They think you’re weird.
    • They don’t think you’ll be a good fit for him.
    • They tell you to give him some space.
    • They’re relatively indifferent.
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    What kind of history do you have with him?

    • We’ve never really spoken to one another.
    • We used to speak more frequently but now we don’t.
    • I’ve been close to him for a long time.
    • We’ve spoken from time to time but we’ve never really been close.
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    What has happened in his life recently?

    • He just went through a breakup
    • He just achieved one of his goals
    • He’s dealing with a death in the family
    • Nothing has really happened
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    How do you feel about him?

    • He’s the most important thing in the world
    • He seems like someone I’d like to know
    • I want to solve his problems
    • I try to get his attention, but he never seems willing to provide it
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    Are there any other girls in his life?

    • Yeah, but they’re just friends
    • Yeah, he knows a lot of girls
    • He only has one or two other friends that are girls
    • No, he doesn’t have many friends that are girls
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    What is his tone like when you talk to him?

    • He seems a little weird
    • He doesn’t seem to care very much
    • He seems distracted
    • He doesn’t really talk back to me
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    Has he ever showed signs of being interested in you?

    • Yeah, he was interested before.
    • No, he’s never showed any signs of it
    • He used to be interested and then suddenly started acting cold.
    • No, he doesn’t interact with me much.
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    How much free time do you think he has?

    • I think he has plenty of time.
    • He spends his time around other girls
    • I don’t see him as often as I used to
    • I don’t know
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    Have you ever confronted him about your feelings (as in how you’re feeling ignored by him)?

    • Yes, that’s all I do 24/7.
    • I want to, but he doesn’t have enough time to sit down and listen.
    • I did recently. But he was lost in his own thoughts.
    • I haven’t.
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    Does he usually avoid eye contact when you guys talk?

    • I’m too lost in talking to him. So, I haven’t noticed that yet.
    • He doesn’t intentionally do that. But again, he’s always either on the phone or watching TV.
    • Mostly not
    • Nope
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    Does he flirt back when you do? You know what I mean – the teasing, playful acts of love, captivating eye contact, etc.

    • I find myself doing it more than him.
    • Never. Instead, he asks me to stop.
    • Sometimes.
    • Honestly? It depends on his mood.
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    How long has he been ‘ignoring’ you?

    • Less than two days
    • It’s been too long; I can’t remember.
    • Less than a week.
    • I really don’t know. Sometimes, I even wonder if he is actually ignoring me or I’m the one over-thinking. Heh!
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    What kind of mood is he usually in these days?

    • Annoyed (mostly at my behavior)
    • Indifference
    • Unhappy and Tensed (not particularly at me)
    • I really can’t pick a particular kind of mood.
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    Does he keep your messages on ‘seen’?

    • Most of the time. (But I don’t blame him; I actually text him a lot. Haha)
    • Nearly every time. Sometimes, not even a simple OKAY from his side.
    • Yes, sometimes.
    • Yeah, but only when he is busy.
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    Assuming he is unhappy and detached from you these days, does he seem to be in this same mood even when he is around his friends?

    • Can’t say
    • Nope. Surprisingly, he gets into a really good mood around his friends.
    • Yeah, pretty much the same.
    • He isn’t unhappy or detached from me.
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    Did he recently have a disagreement with his family? Perhaps a tiff with a friend? Or, maybe he is under excess stress at work?

    • I don’t know about that.
    • No, I feel ignored for no reason.
    • Yeah, he told me about it once.
    • Not really.
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    Assuming you’ve told him you feel ignored, how did he take it?

    • He told me he needed space.
    • He got mad at me and left the conversation hanging.
    • He did understand where I was coming from.
    • He was surprised and had no clue I was feeling this way.
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    How often do you contact him?

    • If you want me to be honest, a heck lot!
    • All I know is I contact him more than he does.
    • Whenever I feel like.
    • I can’t say.