Are They Right for You? How You Know You’ve Found the One

How You Know You Found The ONE

So, you’ve met somebody new, had a chance to go on a couple of dates with them, and you may even be in a committed relationship with them.

How do you know you’ve found “the one,” though? People aren’t always the same person after you’ve gotten to know them better.

It’s important to ask yourself the right questions before you sign the dotted line and commit to spending the rest of your life with that person.

One of the biggest reasons why some marriages and engagements fail is simply because the two partners didn’t know each other well enough.

Discover if they’re right for you with the How You Know You’ve Found The One Quiz!

  • Question of

    How long have you known them?

    • Just met
    • Under 6 months
    • For over a year
    • Over 3 years
  • Question of

    How often do you communicate?

    • Weekends
    • At least 3 times a week
    • At least 3 times a day
    • As much as we can.
  • Question of

    Can you see a future with them?

    • Not sure
    • Sometimes
    • Of course
    • Can’t see it without them.
  • Question of

    How often do you’ll argue?

    • All the time
    • Sometimes
    • Never
    • We try not to go that far
  • Question of

    Do you get bored of him?

    • Sometimes
    • rarely
    • Never
    • We are constantly evolving
  • Question of

    Does he make you want to be a better person?

    • Rarely
    • Sometimes
    • All of the time
    • Isn’t that the goal
  • Question of

    How comfortable are you around him?

    • Not yet
    • Somewhat
    • I tell them everything
    • They are my best friend
  • Question of

    Does he cheer you up when no one can?

    • Not really he makes it worst
    • He doesn’t bother
    • Sometimes yea
    • Always cheers me
  • Question of

    Does he know your birth date?

    • No
    • I’m not sure if he knows
    • Yes he remembers it
    • It’s our favorite day!
  • Question of

    Has either of you walked out on each other during an argument?

    • Don’t know yet
    • Rarely
    • Never
    • We talk things out
  • Question of

    Do know each other’s families?

    • Not Yet
    • On social media
    • Yes
    • We hangout
  • Question of

    Are you his priority before work and friends?

    • No I’m not
    • Don’t know
    • Yes I’m his priority
    • Yes, but he is my priority too
  • Question of

    Is your significant other always there when you need them the most?

    • No he isn’t
    • Rarely as he’s busy with his routine life
    • Sometimes he is but not always
    • Often cause we’re one
  • Question of

    How do you all treat each other’s pets?

    • Don’t know them or don’t have them
    • I see pictures
    • Like my own
    • They love me more
  • Question of

    Do you’ll push each other to follow any dreams or desires?

    • No we don’t
    • Sometimes i think
    • Often we inspire each other
    • That’s the point of a relationship
  • Question of

    Do you see them raising future kids or pets?

    • No we do not
    • Not yet
    • Yes we’re clear on this
    • Can’t wait!
  • Question of

    Do you’ll share healthy habits such as gym, food, or other activities?

    • No we’re lazy
    • We Don’t have time for such activities
    • Sometimes we do go
    • Very often
  • Question of

    Can you ignore your partner when they are down?

    • Doesn’t affect me
    • Sometimes i do ignore
    • No I have to help them
    • I know how to make them happy
  • Question of

    Can you sense their energy?

    • What is that
    • Sometimes yes i can feel it
    • Yes all the time
    • It’s like we are one!
  • Question of

    How often do you share quality time together?

    • Rarely as never have time for each other
    • Sometimes we make time for each other
    • Often as we like each others company
    • Every chance we get