Top 6 Business Apps Every Startup Needs To Use Right Now

Top 6 Business Apps Every Startup Needs To Use Right Now

Mobile applications are actively changing the way business is done – not only do they provide businesses with strong and relevant tools to conduct their routine tasks, they also provide specialized and powerful tools to scale tasks and business operations.

Mobile and computer based applications have become crucial to the way most businesses operate, and a down server for merely 10 minutes can make most companies lose thousands of dollars.

While big businesses took their time in adopting such new technology, most startups these days have their business models based solely on mobile applications in one way or another.

6 apps

Listed below are six business apps that startups can make use of existing mobile applications in their operations, to aid efficiency, and to streamline other business processes:

1.      Google Workspace

Gogle Workspace which was formerly known as the G Suite, allows business to port files amongst different devices such as PCs, mobile phones, laptops and tablets simultaneously.

In addition to its cloud computing function, G Suite also allows users to create documents, spreadsheets, presentations and whatnot directly online.

This allows users to create and save files directly on their cloud rather than having to save it on their computers.

Google Workspace also allows users to simply let go of using multiple apps to serve different work functions by consolidating all of them in one place.

2.      The Setapp

The Setapp is a great application for all Mac users – it can be thought of as a search engine for iOS applications.

Whichever activity or task you are hoping to complete, you can simply enter its details into the setapp and as a result get recommended appropriate apps accordingly.

Additionally, you get access to paid apps for free by paying a limited annual fee, and multiple users can use the same Setapp account as well.

Additionally, if you are looking for tools to convert pdf files or test vpn connection, you can find those on the Setapp app as well.

3.      Freshbooks

Freshbooks is a great app for startups and owners that need basic level accounting for their business operations.

Individuals can use Freshbooks to create invoices, personalize them, create automatic billing systems, track their expenses, and do all accounting related functions as and when required.

Additionally, Freshbooks allows multiple users to use screens and hence all important decision makers within the business can view company accounts in real time.

4.      Skype

Skype is a great application that allows work teams to communicate effectively and efficiently. For remote teams Skype is especially great as it allows team members to connect with each other despite being located in different parts of the world.

Other than the facility of video conferencing, Skype also allows users to chat, voice call and send messages to each other.

Communication can be carried out between teams and individuals both.

Other than facilitating and carrying out communication with your own team, individuals can also use Skype to communicate with their clients and business partners.

5.      Evernote and Google Keep

Both Evernote and Google Keep perform the same function – they allow users to note down important points, events or absolutely anything that comes to their mind.

Oftentimes, during a meeting, we scribble down something important on a piece of paper and later on either lose the paper or are not able to understand our own handwriting.

Evernote and Google Keep solve this issue by providing users with a note taking app that is user-friendly and has a great interface.

Additionally, users can also use tags or hashtags to differentiate or categorize their notes and drawings.

6.      Slack

If you have multiple work teams that require a lot of coordination amongst each other, instead of Skype, using Slack is a better alternative. Slack allows users to create different communication channels, group messaging, break out rooms, separate channels etc.

It has absolutely everything one could ask for in a communication app and is highly powerful, easy to use and efficient all at the same time.

Even first-time users do not report any usability issues and hence Slack is a great application for all businesses in aiding employee communication.

Especially due to the current work from home situation owing to the global pandemic, the use of applications like Slack is all the more important and necessary.

The sky’s the limit to what business can do when they are backed by the power and creativity of all the different business applications that are available on the market.

Businesses need to be efficient in their own understanding, and know how to differentiate between what is available and what is relevant to them.