How to Use Your Own Images With MidJourney?

How to Use Your Own Images With MidJourney

Get creative with MidJourney – the new artistic tool that uses AI technology to create beautiful creations. Uniquely, you can use existing images as a blueprint, allowing you to create a personalized piece every time. Whether it be a painting, an illustration, or another artwork, MidJourney has it covered and will bring out your inner artist.

To use your own images with MidJourney, simply upload them to the Discord server by dragging and dropping them into the chat, or by pressing the “+” button and selecting “Upload File”. An easy way to quickly access your images!

If you have uploaded your images, incorporating them into your prompts is easy. Type /imagine and add the image’s URL to the end. For example, if you have a picture of a cat, type /imagine and following it by “a painting of a cat”. Utilizing your visuals has never been simpler!

Control the influence of your image on the output with the image_weight parameter. As you increase the value, you’ll find that the generated image becomes more and more similar to your original upload. Implement it in your workflow to achieve precisely the result wanted.

Additional Tips: Utilize Your Own Images with MidJourney!

Select pictures of superior quality which correspond to your prompt.

For added variety, considering incorporating a range of different kinds of images into your project. This could generate a broader range of outcomes.

When it comes to visuals, try various combinations of images to determine the perfect proportion between them for your purposes.

Unleash your imagination and enjoy yourself!

Is it permissible to tap into Midjourney’s collections of images?

It’s totally okay to leverage visuals by Midjourney for your own art. Keep in mind, though, if you don’t hold a paid account you must abide by Creative Commons BY 4.0 license rules. For this, you have to include the origin of the photo into the work and not–under any circumstances–work it for commerce-related pursuits.

MidJourney allows you to express your own creativity through the use of personal images. To get the most out of this feature, take some time to practice. With practice, you’ll be creating visuals that are truly unique!