10 Steps to Get Over Sunday Sads

How to Ovecome Sunday Sads

Have you ever had a case of “Sunday sads” or simply “I hate Sundays”?

Sure you have, whether you’re nervous about an upcoming event or you are simply unmotivated to begin a whole new tiresome and monotonous week.

This kind of “Sunday hatred” became a widespread phenomenon that has many names: The Sunday Sads, Sunday Scaries, Sunday Blues, etc. No matter the name, they all mean one thing, which is that you’re making it impossible to enjoy your weekend while you’re worrying about the upcoming weekdays.

Worry not, as I’m here to help. Here are some tips to help you get back your Sunday and extend your weekend:

1.      Organize Your Thoughts by Making a To-Do List

Perhaps Sunday is suddenly over, and you’re mad at yourself for getting nothing done. If that’s the case, why don’t you make a to-do list for the week?

Write down what you need to accomplish that week and put it in your calendar; it’s a constant reminder that will help you organize your tasks and make you feel productive.

If you still have so much to do and couldn’t get things done before the weekend, reserve some hours to accomplish your to-do-list on a Saturday morning. That way, you’ll be freeing your Sunday and getting rid of that awful feeling of unproductiveness.

2.      Forget About Your Email During the Weekend

If you plan on having a relaxing weekend without sunday sads and stressing overwork, the last thing you want is to open your email inbox. You’re probably thinking that there is no harm in checking from time to time, but you’re completely wrong. Trust me; it will ruin your Sunday. Leave it for Monday mornings. If it’s urgent, they’ll call.

3.      Don’t Go Hard on Yourself

If you have self-care routines you want to follow, then you should better keep them until Sunday. Whether you’re into relaxing massages or yoga, you ought to save those lovely sessions for the last day of the week. That will help you have a much better feeling when starting your Mondays since all that self-care will reflect on your well-being.

4.      Drinking and Sunday Sads

This might be a bit too obvious, but having another round every time you see the bartender is really tempting on a Saturday night outing. So try to control yourself from now on so you don’t wake up on Sunday morning with a hangover that’ll ruin your whole week.

5.      Have You Tried Super Smoothies Before?

If you didn’t really like the fourth rule, and you already got yourself into a bad hangover, then here’s a smoothie you can make to make you feel better. The ingredients are simple: frozen bananas, and coconut water. This delicious mixture will help calm your muscles and stomach and also hydrate you at the same time. What else could you ask for to avoid the dreaded Sunday sads?

6.      Go to Bed Early to Avoid Sunday Sads

If you dread Sunday because Monday is lurking in the corner, then you might be able to make it a bit less difficult by getting a good night’s sleep. Optimally, you should try to go to bed a few hours before you usually do. That will get you pumped up for the upcoming dreaded week.

7.     Save Your Shows for Sunday Night

This may conflict with the previous point, but if it’s a show that you’re patiently waiting for the whole week, this will make you really happy on Sunday evening, so much so that it’ll help you cope with the new start of the week.

8.      Head Outdoors

It’s a good idea to go out of your house on Sunday, as taking a break from technology is beneficial for your overall well-being. Even if your usual plan is to finish a season of your favorite series during the weekend, change it up this Sunday and go out to the park.

9.      Go Out with Your Friends to Forget About Sunday Sads

If you feel lonely during the weekend, don’t waste your Sunday cruising the internet or flipping the channels. Instead, invite your friends to have dinner outdoors, enroll in a workout class, or maybe have a Face Time date with your out-of-state friend. There are plenty of options that you can try, so just find those that make you happy. Don’t just watch the weekend pass dreadfully; motivate yourself into doing something fun.

10. Prep for the Upcoming Week

Think ahead and make the journey through the next week much easier by making the necessary preparations. For starters, try to prepare enough meals for the next five days so you can get this issue out of your mind. Also, you can plan what to wear so you can save valuable time each morning.