Are Computer Glasses Worth It? Find Out Here!

Are Computer Glasses Worth It, Find Out Here!

Have you ever experienced your eyes feeling tired or irritated after a long day on the computer? Friends, family, and business people alike may recommend you try using computer glasses. But many controversies surround these specialized computer “blue light” glasses. So, you’re like wondering, are computer glasses worth it?

This post highlights everything you must know about computer glasses.

Are Computer Glasses Worth It?


There are clear benefits to them, but are they worth it?

Computer glasses can’t stop you from getting digital eye strain. But they can ease the symptoms, which can be helpful to those who stare at a screen most of the day. And though they can block off blue light, there’s no solid evidence backing that it can harm your eyes. Still, many experts recommend avid computer users use these PC glasses.

Whether they use an anti-glare coating or progressive lenses, these glasses help ease symptoms. But computer glasses only contribute a small part in preventing digital eye strain.

But combining healthier lifestyle changes with computer glasses is worth it. After all, it’s better to be preemptive and prevent the eye strain from taking over.

If you’re still unconvinced of the benefits of computer glasses, here are some of the things they can do to help:

Reduces Blue Light

Not only do computer glasses decrease the blue light coming from your computer screen, but they can also protect your eyes from other harmful lights. And these include fluorescent or LED lighting emitting ample blue light. They work by limiting the amount of blue light reaching your eyes, whether from computer screens or smartphones.

Moreover, computer glasses maintain the contrast on your screen while decreasing the harmful blue light from your monitor. So, you don’t need to continually move your head to double-check text you missed or didn’t read well the first time.

Promotes Healthier Vision

Using computer glasses can help you retain a healthier vision over time. And you won’t have to strain yourself to see your computer screen. Aside from that, it also stops you from making all the extra adjustments. These include turning the brightness, hunching to reduce the glare, or overexposing your eyes to blue light.

You can avoid succumbing to eye issues and maintain healthy eye vision with PC glasses.

Eases Digital Eye Strain

After spending a couple of hours in front of your computer screen, you’ll slowly see the effects of digital eye strain. Symptoms such as irritation or dry eyes are common, and you’ll soon experience blurred vision and eye fatigue.

Using PC glasses, filter the overbearing blue light emanating from your PC monitor. Hence, you’ll be able to see better without suffering from digital eye strain.

Filters Excess Glare

The glare from your monitor can make it challenging to see the text and other content on your screen. Hence, you might need to crank up the brightness, letting it emanate more blue light onto your face and eyes. And over time, your eyes will suffer seeing past this glare, leading to blurry vision and eye fatigue.

Computer glasses can reduce glaring, preventing your eyes from dilating with light. As a result, you should usually see without suffering from that excessive glare. After all, most PC glasses contain anti-glare or anti-reflective coatings, protecting your eyes. And, you’ll be able to end your work day without suffering from eye strain.

Improves Headaches and Migraines

The sudden onset of a headache or migraine can come from overexposure to blue light. Both can cause debilitating pain, making it difficult to focus on a task. And it’ll likely have you reaching for painkillers daily, which is never a good sign!

Using computer glasses helps you overcome these by reducing exposure to excess blue light and glare. Over time, you’ll be able to work more comfortably in front of your computer screen without issues. And eventually, your headache or migraine should improve.

Boosts Productivity

Another welcomed benefit of using computer glasses is productivity improvement. After all, it can be challenging to focus on a task or be productive when dealing with a headache or eye strain. Using PC glasses can address both, improving your productivity and consistency.

As a result, you’ll be able to finish tasks quicker than before!

Improves Your Posture

Most of us hunch our backs or lean closer to look at our computer screens. Using computer glasses prevent you from doing these, improving your posture over time.

You can sit from a more comfortable distance from the screen without straining yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are computer glasses efficient in reducing eye strain?

A: Although computer glasses can’t relieve eye strain pain, they can ease some symptoms. And despite there being no evidence of screens harming our eyes, many experts still recommend wearing computer glasses.

Q: Is using computer glasses different than regular eye wear?

A: Computer glasses use specialized materials that can reduce eye strain. They use an anti-reflective coating to minimize glare. Meanwhile, some PC glasses also come with an added tint. And that increases contrast for less straining viewing.

Q: Can using computer glasses improve my eyesight?

A: Since computer glasses reduce eye strain, wearing them can improve your eyesight. With this, you don’t need to peer over your glasses or hunch closer to your monitor to see the content better.

 Q: What are the best-specialized glasses for computer use?

A: Monofocal glasses are ideal for extended computer use as they offer the proper optical correction for the distance between your eyes and the monitor.

Q: Can computer glasses alleviate my headaches?

A: Using computer glasses when using the computer can help with headaches. After all, they contain a special coating and tint that reduces eye strain and eases migraines and headaches.

Final Words

Are computer glasses worth it? Although experts backed its benefits, it can be tough to decide. After all, there’s no evidence that the light from our computer screens damages the eyes! Generally, however, they’re worth it if you often experience eye strain and headaches. Still, it’s up to you to determine whether these specialized glasses are worth the extra dollars.