How to Play Apex Legends on Low End PC

How to Play Apex Legends on Low End PC

Apex Legends is a very popular game and has quickly been climbing the ranks as one of the most popular PC games on the market. If you are thinking of playing Apex Legends and don’t have access to a high-quality gaming PC, you may be wondering how to play Apex Legends on a low end PC. As with any PC game, the quality of play will likely depend on the quality of the PC.

However, this doesn’t mean that if you don’t have a high-end PC, you won’t be able to play Apex Legends. With this knowledge guide, you’ll learn more about how to play Apex Legends on a low end PC. You’ll also learn what steps you can take to improve your quality of play. This can be done even on a lower-quality PC that might not be intended for gaming.

Can Apex Legends Run on a Low End PC?

While many gamers might see Apex Legends and immediately believe that their PC is not high enough quality to run the game, we’ve found that it is entirely possible to play Apex Legends on a lower end PC.

It’s not always the most ideal situation, but it is far from hopeless. Obviously, it will partly depend on how low-end your PC is. Most standard PCs have the potential to run Apex Legends with some degree of success, though you may have to configure and change some settings to have the most success.

If you have a low end PC, don’t give up hope. It is entirely possible to play Apex Legends on a low end PC. With the following tips and tricks, you can have success.

Is 2GB-4GB RAM Enough to Run Apex Legends on a PC?

While it is entirely possible to run Apex Legends on a lower-end PC that doesn’t cost thousands of dollars, there is a cut off where it becomes very difficult and even impossible for very low-end PCs.

One of the main factors is the RAM that your PC has. Many that are running a lower end PC will wonder if 2GB or 4GB is enough RAM to run Apex Legends effectively. Sadly, this level of RAM is usually not enough to run Apex Legends with success.

At the least, you will need 8GB of RAM to run Apex Legends, which is very achievable for lower end PCs and most middle-of-the-road PCs. The official minimum RAM is 6GB, as stated by Apex Legends developers. It is recommended that you have more than 6GB of RAM to get the best results.

How to Make AL Run Better on Your Computer

RAM has a lot to do with the quality of play that you experience. However, there are things that you can do as the PC owner to improve your experience. You can alter the FPS rate to be lower as you need it to make it easier for your PC to run the game.

You can also alter the resolution to lessen the burden on your PC, should you have the need. With these basic steps, you can solve the question of how to play Apex Legends on low end PC.

Along with these manual modifications, you should also use best practices when it comes to keeping your PC operating well. A healthy PC goes a long way in improving playing conditions. This includes keeping it free from spam, malware, and other harmful programs.

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