Learn Powerful Ways On How to Unban Someone on Minecraft?

How to Unban Someone on Minecraft

Banning is one of the most useful Minecraft commands out there.

You shouldn’t use it often, but if you stumble on someone griefing or hacking, you’ll need to execute swift justice on them by banning them.

With that said, there are cases where the ban might have been unjustified, or you’ve had a change of heart. This where unbanning comes in to play the opposite role.

This article will show you how to ban, and how to unban someone on Minecraft on your server.

How to Ban a Player on Your Minecraft Server

If you want someone banned from your Minecraft server, type in this command:

/ban <username> [reason]

Instead of <username>, put the actual username of the player you want to ban. An example of this would be something like this:

/ban Steve

When you execute this command, the banned player won’t be able to join the server with their account. You don’t have to provide a reason.

How to Unban Someone on Minecraft

Unbanning someone is as simple as typing the following command:

/pardon <username>

As with the ban command, you need to replace <username> with that of the player you want to unban. Here’s an example:

/pardon Herobrine

However, if you’re using a Spigot, CraftBukkit, or any other Bukkit-based server, use this command instead:

/unban <username>

Advantages of Running Your Own Minecraft Server

Having your own Minecraft server has numerous advantages when compared to playing on a third-party server. Here are some of the advantages:

Pride of Ownership

When you own a server, you can bring in your family, friends, and even make it accessible to the public if you so desire.

Furthermore, you’ll have access to so many administrator privileges. Power, prestige, respect, you name it, the admin has it.

Your server can even act as a platform to showcase your technical skills. Put it on your resume, and you might impress or even influence others.

Some server owners even managed to profit from their servers by offering various privileges and services or just asking for donations.

Better Security and Privacy

When you’re the server admin, you have complete control over who gets to join your server. This means that you can prevent hackers from ruining the experience for others. You also have control over numerous other security settings.

Greater Control Over Mods And Plugins Used

There’s a wide variety of mods out there that you can use to augment the overall experience that your server offers. Whether you want to modify the game’s appearance, add new tools, creatures, or mobs, you have complete control of which mods and plugins you use.

If you’re working with a good hosting provider, you’ll be able to set plugins and mods with one click. This lets you bring your ideas with as little hassle as possible.

Tech Support from Experienced Hosts

Even though there are plenty of guides online on how to set up your own server, managing it, and setting everything up properly can be difficult if you don’t have prior knowledge.

There’s also the server maintenance part, which can be difficult. However, there are great game-hosting services that have a team of support staff whose aim is to help out with your server issues.