(Sayonara) Microsoft Bids Farewell to Windows 10 Updates!

Microsoft Bids Farewell to Windows 10 Updates!

If you’re still living the Windows 10 life, your future just got a bit drearier. Microsoft will no longer include fresh features with upcoming updates, so you’ll have to look elsewhere to get your tech-fix.

Microsoft’s product manager, Jason Leznek, is urging you to switch to Windows 11 ASAP. According to a blog post, no more feature updates will be released for Windows 10. Time’s ticking – make the upgrade and never look back!

Leznek penned the post to make it easier for everyone to keep track of the upcoming Windows client roadmap. Microsoft has dropped the date that they will support Windows 10 until October 14, 2025, and time is flying by!

With today’s news, Windows 10 users can only count on getting improved performance and tighter security through future upgrades.

Look out for these updates to roll in on a regular basis until the expiry date in October 2025. In search of fresh functionality? It looks like you’ll have to get your hands on a computer with Windows 11.

Approximately three-quarters of customers are already on Windows 10, according to polls. This won’t be welcome news for those who prefer the old platform since Microsoft has been doing its utmost to promote Windows 11.

There’s just one hiccup – only PCs released within the last six years will support installation of the latter OS since Microsoft has these specific system specs in mind.

Leznek urges: “If Windows 10 is currently your go-to OS, update to the 22H2 edition now. This way, you’ll be guaranteed monthly security updates ’til October 14, 2025.”

Windows 10 22H2’s major lack of fresh features last year wasn’t disappointing, as it was devoted to ensuring the OS’ security, performance, and reliability were top-notch. But Microsoft more than made up for it this time round with their Windows 11 22H2 release – packed full of revamps and alterations.

We had recommended users to upgrade to Windows 11 in this post and if you have resisted till yet now is the time to step up and update it to Windows 11.