Take the Necessary Steps Now: Update Your Windows PC Today

Update Your Windows PC Today

Security updates are something that you should not take lightly and apply as soon as they come out. From your phone to your computer, do not hesitate to install and address whatever security-related risks developers have found. PCs, however, are particularly at risk and should prioritize the installation of the recently released upgrade which deals with almost 100 security flaws, including one that is already being exploited.

Microsoft’s update, featured in The Hacker News, contains corrective measures for a remarkable 97 security issues. Seven of these vulnerabilities are rated as “Critical,” while the remainder are viewed as “Important”. Unfortunately, users can’t be selective with their patch installations; it is, however, essential to differentiate the varying levels of severity for the flaws.

45 security holes that permit malicious individuals to inject their own code into your network, along with 20 more breaches which would grant them admin-level privileges, were recently addressed with numerous patches. The severity of the various vulnerabilities discovered are catalogued in the list provided beneath:

Enumerating 45 potential vulnerabilities of remote code execution, 20 chances for elevation of privilege, 10 opportunities for information disclosure, nine possibilities for denial-of-service attack, eight chances for security feature bypass and six opportunities for spoofing.

Microsoft recently announced CVE-2023-28252, a zero-day vulnerability in Windows which is being actively exploited by malicious actors. Unfortunately, this issue strikes particularly hard – it permits an attacker to access SYSTEM privileges, essentially giving them free reign to seize control of your PC. Microsoft confirms that anyone who exploits this vulnerability would likely be able to maneuver with impunity on the user’s system.

Uncovering a vulnerability, cybersecurity giant Kaspersky pinpointed a cybercrime collective deploying ransomware assaults on businesses in Asia, the Middle East, and North America. The alarming news has even prompted CISA (Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency) to command its associated agencies to patch this weakness by May 2.

Get the Most Recent Security Update for Windows Installed

For installation of the recent security update and rectification of these 97 flaws, move to Start > Settings > Windows Update (if your OS is Windows 11) or to Start > Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update (if your OS is Windows 10).