Presolv360: A New Startup That Leverages Technology to Help Clients Avoid Courts and Litigation

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Solving disputes through the traditional court course can take months, even years, and both parties may end up losing wads of cash in the process.

Some cases never even come to an end, and remain open to outlive the disputing parties eventually.

That’s why Aman Sanghavi, Namita Shah, and Bhaven Shah decided to step forward and provide a solution to such a problem that’s deeply-rooted within the Indian legal system, and that’s how Presolv360 was born.

What Is Presolve360?

Presolve360 is a Mumbai-based startup that has been operating since April 2018. Presolv360 was founded due to the inefficiency of the dispute management process of the Indian legal system.

40,000 disputes are filed every day, out of which 3.3 crore cases are still pending to this day.

Even economically, the dispute management system isn’t practical, as around Rs 80,000 crore in cash are lost every single year due to hearings that don’t get to anything most of the time.

All of that encouraged Aman Sanghavi, Namita Shah, and Bhaven Shah to create a modern, effective dispute management platform capable of handling disputes on different stages to solve them at the lowest cost and the with as little effort as possible – Presolv360.

Bhaven, the co-Founder of Presolv360 and a Chartered Accountant who graduated from the prestigious Government Law College in Mumbai, India, says that the idea was ignited from personal experience.

Years ago, a currently-retired Supreme Court Judge told him in an open court that although Bhaven’s father was the one to start the case, it’s his son who’s going to solve it.

That truly showed Bhaven how severe the litigation system’s state was, and that’s why he thought that it’s about time a modern system was born to help resolve disputes without the need for courts and litigation.

That’s how he got the idea for the game-changing platform called Presolv360.

What Does Presolv360 Aim to Achieve?

Presolv360 was founded with one mission in mind: to reduce the significant losses caused by legal disputes through ADR or Alternative Dispute Resolution.

The online platform takes care of the review, contingency planning, and resolution of disputes through ADR, thus preventing full-blown litigations which, more often than not, do more harm than good for the concerned parties.

How Does the Presolv360 Platform Works?

Presolv360 leverages ground-breaking technology to solve disputes in the most efficient and fast manner.

The platform offers three dispute management modules, each of which covers a specific phase of the dispute process, from raising grievances to executing settlement agreements, which are:


In which the team reviews legal agreements to point out any loophole and nip any potential conflict in the bud.


Through which concerned parties pay an annual fee so that the Presolv experts can take care of any dispute that may occur in a speedy manner at no extra cost. It’s like insurance, but for legal agreements.


Through which the Presolv team uses cloud-based tech and video conferencing to facilitate the communication and mediation between conflicting parties that are looking to solve ongoing disputes (either the ones to be submitted or those that have already been submitted) in a civilized manner outside the court.

Depending on the case and location, offline ADR can also be used to solve the dispute.

Not only does Presolv360 rely on the expertise of the team members and their mentors and advisers, Mr. Ashok Barat, Ms. Tanu Mehta, and Ms. Rajani Iyer, but, as we mentioned earlier, it also heavily relies on technology.

Some of the most intuitive features on the Presolv platform is the site’s chatbot, which can come in handy if you’re looking for a quick way to decide which service you should go with.

What Are the Biggest Challenges for Presolv360?

As the concept is fairly new in India, Presolv’s biggest challenge remains onboarding new customers and attracting top-talent legal experts and professionals to the startup to join the team.

What Are Presolv360’s Targets for the Months and Years to Come?

Besides establishing a bigger client base and attracting legal professionals to Presolve as the new “hot” career in India, the company aims at improving its algorithms to better integrate machine learning into its due diligence process.

Additionally, the team behind the startup wants to build ‘Presolv for All,’ which would be a free-of-cost service that aims at helping economically weaker sections solve disputes in a facilitated manner.

Has Presolv360 Resolved Ay Case Yet?

Since its creation back in April 2018, Presolv360 has helped solve a great number of pending cases, most of which weren’t going to be resolved any time soon through the traditional court dispute-solving course.

Among their solved disputes, the case that really stands out is that of Mrs. Laxmi, a peon in St Xavier’s Boys’ Academy, in which Aman Sanghavi studied and spent a good number of years witnessing the hard work of the nice lady.

Five years ago, Mrs. Laxmi’s late husband, Laxman, died in an accident, leaving his wife with three children to feed. Mrs. Laxmi spent a good number of years knocking on the doors of the Motor Accident Claims Tribunal but to no avail.

Thankfully, after all those years, Presolv360 intervened and helped the 48-year-old Mrs. Laxmi get ₹8 lakh as reimbursement to support her family, all without the help of the court.