Take this quiz to find out if you have a phone addiction!

Am I addicted to my phone quiz

Has everyone been telling you to put your cell phone away? Cell phone addiction and inappropriate cell phone habits are contemporary world issues.

Social media apps and cell phone overuse are seeding the addiction.

Excessive cell phone use can have negative consequences on your mental health, cause car accidents etc as per American Psychiatric Association.

This Am I addicted to my phone quiz will aid you in determining what you need to do with your cell phone to avoid cell phone addiction and change your smartphone habits.

  • Question of

    How frequently do you check your mobile phone?

    • I always have it in my hand. I have social media sites addiction
    • Every two hours
    • When I hear a notification
    • I sometimes forget cell phones exist
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    Do you fall asleep with your cell phone in your hands?

    • All the time
    • Sometimes when I’m working
    • I put it under my pillow so I don’t miss calls and push notifications
    • I sleep with my cell phone off
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    Exactly what do you frequently do on your cell phone?

    • Social media hopping. I love spending time this way.
    • Checking notifications
    • Sending emails or making work-related calls
    • Replying messages
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    How many times do you charge your phone?

    • I own a power bank, so that my cell phone is constantly charging
    • Not more than three times a day
    • Once a day
    • Once a couple of days
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    When you wake up, what do you do?

    • Check my phone and see if I missed anything interesting while asleep
    • Check notifications
    • I make breakfast, shower, or make my bed before checking my phone
    • Try to remember where I left my cell phone the previous day
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    Do you feel anxious, and you use your cell phone in prohibited places?

    • All the time, I put it on silent and reduce the brightness
    • Only when there is a crisis that needs my attention
    • I don’t
    • My phone will be off in forbidden places
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    Do people ever tell you to put your mobile devices away, especially at the dinner table?

    • Yes, but I can’t. I am constantly checking my device.
    • Sometimes, that’s only when I need to attend to my phone, and someone needs my attention.
    • No, checking your phone it’s not alright if you have visitors
    • I keep my phone out of sight all the time
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    Are you using your phone right now?

    • Of course, like most people. What else would I be using?
    • Yes, but that’s because someone sent me this quiz.
    • No, I am using another device. Cell phones are time-consuming
    • No, I don’t know where my phone is
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    Do you think we should use cell phones to send messages to someone in the same room as us?

    • Yes, it’s better than talking.
    • Only when there are people around, and I need to say something privately
    • I would never do that. Cell phone use is overrated.
    • Why not walk up to the person
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    Do you feel the need to carry your phone to the loo?

    • Yes, I need something to keep my brain occupied. You don’t use your phone too?
    • Maybe, in case someone needs me to give me some good news
    • No, I would drop it in there, so it’s not safe
    • No, why would I do that