Am I Antisocial? Or Am I A Social Butterfly?

Am I Antisocial Quiz

Did you know? Being 100% antisocial is actually a personality disorder? It’s also known as Sociopathy.

But who’s here to learn about the science behind it!

You’re here to find out if you’re antisocial, and we’ll help you with just that!

Jump on the bandwagon and take this Am I Antisocial Quiz to reveal your true personality.

  • Question of

    Below are some situations. Which one would you not like to face ever in your life?

    • Get mud all over your clothes by a speeding car
    • Be the last one to finish off your meal at a restaurant
    • Attend a family gathering
    • Speak in public
  • Question of

    What kind of social event would you like to attend?

    • One that’s hot and happening
    • One with only friends and family
    • One with just me and my pet
    • An event of one
  • Question of

    Someone you know invited you for dinner by sending a text? What would be your response?

    • Sure, consider me there!
    • Think about what to reply for an hour
    • Politely decline the invitation and make up an excuse
    • Ignore the text
  • Question of

    What do you usually do when you get a phone call?

    • Answer it. What’s the harm!
    • Answer it only if it’s someone close to me
    • Let it ring several times before I finally decide to answer
    • Ignore the call/hang up
  • Question of

    When it comes to the latest gadgets and clothes in town, what are your feelings?

    • Be trendy/buy them
    • If someone buys me something trendy, I’m okay with it
    • Zero feelings
    • It’s not at all important for me
  • Question of

    Would you rather text/call somebody?

    • Either
    • Call close ones, text others
    • Just Text
    • Can I pick none?
  • Question of

    Your family dragged you out of the house to go attend a gathering with them. What would you do on arrival?

    • Greet everyone/gel up with people
    • Just frown
    • Can’t say
    • Grab a corner and be all by myself
  • Question of

    What’s your idea of a perfect vacation?

    • Visit the beach with friends or family
    • An intimate trip to a faraway city
    • A solo trip to a place where there are no people
    • I don’t like vacations
  • Question of

    Where would you like to live someday?

    • Bahamas
    • Somewhere close to the sea with fewer people
    • An apartment with my pet
    • Island, all by myself
  • Question of

    Where are you likely to work?

    • At a cafe in downtown
    • Web-based job/Work from home
    • Veterinary
    • NASA (and grab the first opportunity to leave earth, lol)