Take This Social Status Test To Know Your Societal Value

Social Status Test

Today’s lifestyle is majorly centered around who is more popular or who has a higher social status. Everybody is different, and there is always a class of society you can easily blend into! However, for some, finding that pack becomes difficult if they are confused about who they are, and that’s why they should try this Social Status Test.

Now, social status doesn’t mean status based on wealth but covers a myriad of things. It can be based on the level of respect a person has in society, the level of honor, or simply how loved they are!

A person’s social status defines how they are mostly treated by people or how respected they are. It is important to be somebody of high social standing in society if you wish to be recognized. There are several ways of achieving that, and one of the simplest ways is being loving and kind.

In fact, there are two types of social status categories that are based on how the person attained that particular status. The first one is known as achieved status, where an individual attains a social status because of her/his achievements. The second is known as ascribed status, which comes about through their inherited position.

Individuals achieve ascribed status based on family background, ethnic group, race, and likewise. If you don’t fall under this category, then you can gain a higher social status through your achievements.

For example, a doctor may have a higher social standing than a clerk in society. But, if the clerk happens to be a better person than the doctor, then society may value her/him more. Hence, it is solely up to the individual to decide her/his own standing in society.

There are many perks of being in the higher echelon group of society. You make better connections, people are eager to be friends with you, and let’s not forget the careful treatment you get wherever you go.

Nevertheless, it is never wise to make friends or meet people based on their social status. Everybody in society deserves equal kind of treatment and respect. It is important to look at a person’s heart rather than if she/he comes from a high-class background or has a good job.

But, here’s the deal! Knowing where you stand in society helps you gain better insights into who you are as a person in this social status test. It is common among humans to think of themselves as the best in the group, but sometimes it may quite be the opposite.

Therefore, if you want to know your social status, then you are at the right place! This social status test is designed to help those who struggle to find their crew in the society. The answers you pick will help us determine who you are in society and if you are somebody who is valued.

Let’s cut to the chase now and get into the Social Status Test. Remember to remain 100% honest while answering all the questions.

  • Question of

    How do your friends feel when you cancel Saturday night plans?

    • They cancel too because I am the leader!
    • They are disappointed and may or may not cancel the plan
    • They try to convince me but are ok with it
    • I don’t think they would even care.
  • Question of

    Here is a list of items. Which of it did you have growing up?

    • A chauffeur to drive you up to school every day
    • A private tutor
    • A pair of the latest Nike shoes
    • A roof over my head!
  • Question of

    How rich are your friends?

    • Filthy rich
    • They live very comfortable lives
    • They seem to be content wherever they are
    • They need financial support at times
  • Question of

    What would you pack for a summer vacation?

    • Short dress and, of course, my Prada sunglasses!
    • A mix of my linens and cotton clothes
    • Anything that feels comfortable and looks good
    • Will carry whatever!
  • Question of

    How do you like to look every day?

    • I want to look just the way I am.
    • If I am being honest, I want to look the best in the crowd
    • I like looking my best
    • I don’t care much about how I look
  • Question of

    What do you like eating every day?

    • It’s always gourmet food for me!
    • I like to try all the latest cuisines in town
    • I always like to eat good food
    • Anything that fills my stomach!
  • Question of

    Do you love going on vacations? How often do you actually go?

    • I don’t count because it is quite frequent!
    • I go whenever I get the time
    • I try to take a holiday at least once a year
    • Holiday? To the park?
  • Question of

    You just saw a beggar who looks very hungry; you

    • Give all the money in your purse because you want to help
    • Buy the beggar some food for the day
    • Give a few dollars so that she/he can eat
    • Really don’t care because you are used to such sights!
  • Question of

    How often do you buy a bottle of water when you are out?

    • I didn’t really count it. But anytime I want.
    • Whenever I am thirsty, I purchase a bottle
    • Not often because I like to carry a bottle with me
    • Never, bottled waters are too expensive for me!
  • Question of

    Does your family attend a lot of social gatherings?

    • Yes, all the time because we are invited everywhere, and our presence is important
    • Yes, because we are socially obliged to do so
    • Not much, and it depends on the type of gathering
    • Barely, since we hardly get invited.
  • Question of

    What do you think is the perfect girls’ night out?

    • Party at the poshest club in the city and dine at a 7-star hotel!
    • Wine and dine at one of the most expensive restaurants in town!
    • A dance at the club and eat good food
    • Take a tour around the city and eat street foods!
  • Question of

    You bought your favorite designer bag, and it got a tear; what do you do?

    • Ouch! But I can always get the same one anytime I like
    • Alarmed! That was quite an expensive bag!
    • Super sad! I had saved up for months to buy the bag!
    • I don’t use designer bags!
  • Question of

    You just found out that your boyfriend cheated on you; what do you do?

    • Book first-class tickets right away and go on vacation to distract me!
    • Take a weekend getaway with my close friends
    • Go out with my friends and party all night!
    • Cry in bed because I want to sulk at home.
  • Question of

    Your maid at home was caught stealing; what do you do?

    • Fire her right away! You have other maids to take care of the house
    • Get rid of her and try to find another maid
    • Warn her for the first and last time because you’ll be helpless if she goes
    • I am sorry, but I don’t have a mid to answer this question!
  • Question of

    What kind of lifestyle would you give your children?

    • I want them to have an expensive taste just like mine!
    • I would want to have them the best of all things
    • I will make their lives comfortable but maybe not the best
    • I will work very hard to give them the essentials, at least
  • Question of

    What do you think of the lifestyle the Kardashians live?

    • I don’t really care because I like a better life than theirs!
    • They’re extremely lucky, and I am too!
    • I really wish I could swap my life with them.
    • Kardashians? Is that a new thing on trend?
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    How is your haircut looking at the moment?

    • Not just at the moment, but everyday is a good hair day for me; thanks to my hairstylist!
    • I love it!
    • It looks fine
    • I like it, but people don’t!
  • Question of

    How often do your friends compliment you?

    • They just won’t stop!
    • Every time I look good!
    • Once or twice in a week maybe, lol. Never thought about it.
    • Once in a blue moon
  • Question of

    Are you a creative person?

    • I may not be, but my assistants are!
    • Of course, and I try to monetize my creativity
    • Yes, and people love it!
    • Yea, but people don’t know about it yet.
  • Question of

    How do you spend most of your evenings?

    • Taking care of my assets
    • I am mostly working
    • With a cup of coffee and a book
    • I work part-time jobs in the evening