Identify Your Personality – Am I Dominant or Submissive Quiz

Am I Dominant Or Submissive quiz

The world is filled with different types of people. Some lead from the front, and some follow the leader.

This shows what type of a personality they are.

Two of the most prominent personality types are the dominant and submissive types.

Do you know what type you are? Are you a follower or a leader? Take this Am I Dominant Or Submissive quiz to find out more about yourself.

  • Question of

    Who takes most of the decisions of your life?

    • My partner
    • My family
    • My friends
    • Of course, me!
  • Question of

    What do you need most of the time?

    • I need a mentor to guide me
    • I need the advice from my friends and family
    • Only in some cases I choose to take suggestions
    • I don’t need any of those
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    What sort of personality do you like in a person?

    • Someone who is dominant
    • I don’t like people who can’t speak for themselves
    • A mix of both dominant and submissive
    • A person who is meek and docile
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    What is your partner’s personality?

    • Strong and condescending
    • He or she is controlling when the need arises
    • Sometimes commanding most times passive
    • He or she is a submissive person
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    What is your friends’ personality?

    • Most of them are intimidating
    • They are motivating
    • Some are shy and some are not
    • Most of them are shy
  • Question of

    Does your personality intimidate others?

    • No, I am quite friendly
    • In 60% of situations, I am intimidating
    • Depends on my mood
    • Yes, people say that I scare them
  • Question of

    Were you ever bullied at school or childhood?

    • Yes, I was bullied several times
    • Sometimes I was bullied other times I bullied
    • This is sensitive, I don’t want to talk about it
    • I used to bully others
  • Question of

    Do you like to take control of things?

    • No, I am not that person
    • When asked to I can but I don’t volunteer
    • Only in rare occasions
    • I love being in control of everything
  • Question of

    Are you obsessed with people’s great perceptions about you and how they admire your personality?

    • Not at all, I hate attention
    • Yes I do
    • Depends on who is admiring me
    • I love it. It makes me feel superior
  • Question of

    Do you limit the people in your circle?

    • No, I don’t
    • Sometimes I tend to
    • Very rarely
    • I do and I’m not even guilty