Greek God Personality Quiz – Find Out the Greek God in You

Greek god personality quiz

Greek mythology has always been quite well known. With the new age authors writing about them, the younger generations are well versed in them too.

Many are aware of the characteristics of various Greek gods and goddesses.

Greek god is not restricted to just Zeus. 

Now, which Greek god has a strong presence in your personality? Find out by taking our Greek god personality quiz. 

  • Question of

    Which words describe you the best?

    • Kind, quiet and calm
    • Musical, outgoing and creative
    • Strong, mighty and powerful
    • Lazy, swift and wise
  • Question of

    Which kinds of books would you buy on a book fair?

    • Farming and home improvement books
    • Romance and musical books
    • Fiction and fantasy books
    • Advice and business books
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    What is your favorite kind of weather?

    • Sunny and breezy
    • Partly cloudy and windy
    • Rain with thunder and lightning
    • Warm and comfortable
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    Which superpowers would you want to have?

    • Make everybody love each other
    • Play any musical instrument ever created
    • Never lose a battle
    • Be intelligent enough to build anything
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    What is your favorite kind of food?

    • Vegan Soup
    • Vegan Burgers and Vegan pizzas
    • Vegan Spaghetti and bread
    • Salads of any kind
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    Which is your favorite color palette?

    • Earthy tones with greens and turquoise
    • Multi color palette
    • Dark tones like browns and black
    • Warm neutral tones
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    Which two countries would you travel if you were given free tickets?

    • Hawaii and Italy
    • Greece and France
    • Germany and England
    • USA and China
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    Which would you not mind adopting?

    • An owl
    • A monkey
    • A wolf
    • A dove
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    How does your dream house look like?

    • A house made of straws in the country side
    • An apartment in the city
    • A mansion in the mountains
    • A typical contemporary house
  • Question of

    A typical contemporary house

    • Sit by the fire and read a book
    • Play musical instruments
    • Race and compete in various sports
    • Watch my favorite show and feast on my bed