What State Should I Live in Based on My Personality?

What State Should I Live in Based on My Personality

Whether you want to explore America or you just feel like you don’t fit in where you were born, it’s a huge country and you’re bound to find a place in it that you love.

In today’s quiz, we’re going to explore some of the differences between some of the many states that make up America, but we’re going to do it through a different lens: you.

This quiz will help you find the answer to the important question What State Should I Live in Based on My Personality?.

Whether the hustle and bustle of city life is the life for you or if you prefer more rural surroundings, there’s a state for you!.

  • Question of

    Where do you want your house to be located?

    • In the city
    • Beachfront
    • On a ranch
    • Where you can have your privacy
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    How do you feel about being around a lot of people?

    • I love it
    • I can usually handle it, but I want my privacy on some days
    • I like my neighbors but I’m not a big fan of strangers
    • I don’t like people
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    Which of these jobs sounds like the best to you?

    • Stockbroker
    • Actor
    • Gas refinery manager
    • Rancher
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    How do you feel about driving?

    • I hate it
    • I don’t mind traffic that much
    • I like driving
    • I love long-distance drives
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    What would be the ideal pet for you?

    • I don’t like pets
    • I prefer cats
    • I’d love to own a dog
    • A horse would be the pet for me
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    Where do you like going on vacation?

    • The Hamptons
    • To Cabo
    • Within my state
    • To Canada
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    How do you feel about public transit?

    • I always take public transit
    • I use public transit sometimes but not frequently
    • I rarely use public transit
    • I never use public transit
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    How do you feel about spending money?

    • I love spending money.
    • I’ll splurge from time to time, but not frequently.
    • I spend an average amount of money.
    • I like saving as much money as possible.
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    How much do you value your independence?

    • I’m indifferent about how independent I am
    • I don’t mind relying on others for help
    • I think I’m more independent than most people
    • I’m the most independent person I know
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    How do you feel about cold weather?

    • I can live with it
    • I’ll welcome snow on rare occasions
    • I hate cold weather
    • I love the winter
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    If you get to live in the same state as a celebrity, which celebrity would you pick?

    • Gigi Hadid
    • Kim Kardashian
    • Elon Musk
    • Pippa Middleton
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    What should be your ideal view when you look outside your window?

    • Skyscrapers- love the city life!
    • Beaches
    • The clear sky, greenery, hills
    • Parks, mountains
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    What do you love doing on weekends?

    • Enjoy the city life, especially the night-life
    • Visit the beach, go to Disneyland
    • Hiking, strolling along the river, visit historical sites
    • Picnic near the mountains, skiing – something adventurous
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    Which word suits your fashion sense the most?

    • Trendy
    • Hippie
    • Comfortable
    • Casual
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    Assuming you’ll have to rent an apartment with a roommate, which one would you choose?

    • Someone who works in the corporate world
    • A teacher
    • Someone who works at a fast-food corner
    • Maybe someone from the healthcare industry
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    Which word describes your ideal date best?

    • Romantic
    • Casual
    • Adventurous
    • Travel
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    In what kind of a house do you wish to live?

    • Apartments
    • Modern
    • Ranch
    • Bungalow
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    What’s on your bucket list?

    • Attend an extravagant fashion show
    • Visit the Hollywood sign
    • Visit the San Antonio River Walk
    • Visit something unique like the Yellowstone National Park
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    Which animal would you want to visit?

    • Beaver
    • Grizzly Bear
    • Longhorn
    • Bison
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    What’s your preferred mode of transport?

    • Subways
    • Personal car/cycling
    • Ferry
    • Personal car