Love Language Test for Couples – The Ultimate Key to Your Relationship

Love Language Test for Couples

All of a sudden, you don’t feel the thrill rushing through your veins as your loved one touches you.

The connection you used to feel while looking at their eyes; GONE!  Well, sometimes it’s more than what you think if you want to save your relationship.

You might want your other half to ‘read’ your mind, but things get complicated when they can’t figure out what you actually want.

That’s what the language test for couples is all about. With the different acts of feeling and expressing your love, you’ll be able to find a new key to unlock the door of your heart.

So are you ready to give this couples quiz a try? Well, read the questions and choose the answers. You’ll know your personality once you’ve put all the answers in the box.

  • Question of

    If your partner compliments you a lot, you think:

    • ‘I can live with the compliment for months.’
    • ‘I’d rather want to spend some time alone together. Words aren’t my cup of tea.’
    • ‘Compliment sounds great; however, I love it if some gift follows it up.’
    • ‘Sure, as long as it has got a kiss or at least a cuddle.’
    • ‘How about giving me a compliment dish.’
  • Question of

    What makes you feel loved after waking up in the morning?

    • When someone says, ‘I love you.’
    • If someone brings breakfast to your bed
    • A nice cuddle and a kiss
    • Looking at your eyes with emotion and care
    • Takes you to a nice morning walk, holding your hand
  • Question of

    What do you expect from your partner after getting a promotion in your job?

    • I want them to admire me
    • Take me out for a dinner
    • Expect them to arrange a party for me
    • Want them to brag about my promotion to their friends and family
    • Hug me tight and kiss me on my forehead, cheek, and lips
  • Question of

    You’re feeling low; you’d want your partner to?

    • Say, ‘Things will get better soon; I believe in you.’
    • Spend a nice evening with you
    • Take you out to a relaxing and calm place
    • Embrace you in their arms
    • Listen to you over a cup of coffee
  • Question of

    You don’t like it when your partner

    • Disagrees with you or criticizes something you do
    • Is thinking only about materialistic stuff
    • Never takes you out to a date
    • Doesn’t cuddle you while they enter the house or leaves it
    • Doesn’t get you a gift even after a month
  • Question of

    That one thing that makes your heart beat faster?

    • If your partner mails you a love letter
    • Prepares your favorite dish
    • Buying you something you want
    • Invites you to be intimate with them
    • When your partner gives their hand to help you
  • Question of

    That one thing that breaks your heart?

    • When they break their promise
    • When they refuse to be kissed or hugged
    • If they say ‘Can’t do it now on your face if you tell them to do a work
    • Gives you money but ignores you, saying, ‘Get the stuff by yourself.’
    • If they lie to you
  • Question of

    Things you do to show your love to your partner?

    • Tell them that you love them and let them know they’re important
    • Take them out to a beautiful place
    • Give them a surprise present
    • You keep on kissing slowly
    • Help them in their work
  • Question of

    You and your partner are in public. You’d want them to?

    • Say out loud how they love you
    • Give you a flower in front of people
    • Takes you by their arms and keep on walking
    • Keep it formal. You don’t want your love life to be public
    • Grab your bags and things for you
  • Question of

    What do you do when your partner is not home?

    • You call your friends to your house
    • Go somewhere calm and quiet
    • Order a pizza and finish it over a movie
    • Miss them and tell them to come home fast
    • Carry out their unfinished work to give them a surprise
  • Question of

    Your favorite weekend with your mate?

    • Throwing a party at your house
    • Complete housework like a team
    • Watching a movie with them while hugging
    • Going to a posh restaurant for dinner
    • Have a special romantic night with them
  • Question of

    You more like making love to your partner when he/she;

    • Whispers you’re desirable, and they want you
    • Wears something sexy in front of you
    • Has been showing your love and affection all day long
    • Has been very attentive to you the whole day
    • Holds you in their arms and watches the moon