Worried About Weight? Take The Are You a Healthy Weight Quiz

Are you A healthy weight quiz

Everyone is worried about their weight. Society and media have made this the biggest issue for almost all of us.

Everyone is following different diets and practices to achieve that “perfect weight.

Are you on the same path? Do you keep wondering about your weight?.

Take this Are you A healthy weight quiz to find out if you are the right weight for your body type.

  • Question of

    Which age group do you belong to?

    • Below 18 years
    • 18-30 years
    • 30-50 years
    • 50-60 years
  • Question of

    Has your doctor ever said that you are overweight or underweight?

    • No, they never said that
    • Yes, they hinted that I have the potential to get overweight/underweight
    • Several times
    • All the time
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    What size of clothing do you usually get?

    • According to my age
    • A size bigger/smaller than my age
    • Two sizes bigger/smaller than my age
    • Way large/smaller than my age
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    How much does your scale tell you when you weight yourself?

    • 40-60 kgs
    • Below 40 kgs
    • 60-80 kgs
    • 80 above kgs
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    Do people make fun of your weight?

    • No, they don’t
    • Yes, sometimes they call me thin/fat
    • Most times they do
    • I have always been bullied for my over/under weight
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    Do you feel conscious about your weight?

    • Hardly ever
    • Sort of, sometimes
    • Yes, I do
    • It is my biggest insecurity
  • Question of

    What type of snacks do you eat in between your meals?

    • Bananas or berries
    • Gummy bear or candy
    • Chips or fries
    • Vegan Burger or Vegan pizza
  • Question of

    Do you get tired very easily?

    • No, I’m quite active and pumped through out any activity
    • Once or twice
    • Kind of, yes
    • All the time
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    Do you eat healthy food?

    • I eat as healthy as possible every day
    • Twice or thrice in a week
    • Few times a month
    • I don’t eat healthy at all
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    How would you describe your body shape?

    • Lean, muscular and fit
    • Very thin
    • Not too slim nor too fat
    • On the heavy side