Borderline Personality Disorder Quiz: Which Type Do You Have?

Borderline Personality Disorder Quiz

Do you find yourself feeling paranoid and stressed out more often? You prefer to dissociate yourself from those around you and find calm in spacing out. Take this quick borderline personality disorder quiz to find out which category you fall into.

A borderline personality disorder is a mental health condition characterized by a person who has difficulty maintaining long-term interpersonal relationships due to the way they process their emotions and feelings.

Some people wrestle with self-harm or suicidal thoughts.

What type of borderline personality disorder do you have? Take the quiz below to find out!

Start the test and get your confidential answers right away!

Note: Self-assessment cannot determine a clear clinical diagnosis. Contact your mental health professional if you require BPD treatment.

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    Are you facing an intense and unstable relationship that alternates between extreme love and hate?

    • Yes. The fights are quite nasty
    • Sometimes, my feelings fluctuate more often
    • At times, I love them wholeheartedly
    • I remain calm while communicating during disagreements
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    Do you wrestle with suicidal thoughts constantly?

    • Think about ending my life daily
    • Struggle with self-harming thoughts
    • Not sure what I’m going through
    • Not all days are bad
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    When you’re angry, how do you react?

    • Difficult to control
    • Intense outbursts
    • Anxious
    • Cools down quickly
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    Have you ever doubted or felt unstable about your self image?

    • I always question my self-worth
    • I struggle to accept who I am
    • I know what I want
    • I’m confident in myself
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    What do you experience when your emotions undergo a quick change?

    • Panic attacks
    • Extreme irritability
    • Slight anxiety
    • Sadness
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    How often do you go through intense mood swings?

    • Daily
    • During rough days
    • Only during bad days
    • Calm and composed
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    How has your altering sense of self affected you?

    • Not sure of what I want
    • Constant change in career goals
    • It annoys me
    • Stable with what I need in life
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    When do you exhibit self-destructive behavior?

    • When I use drugs excessively
    • When anger takes control
    • When I don’t feel good
    • I think before I act
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    How often do you feel bored and lonely?

    • Always
    • Quite often
    • Sometimes
    • Very rarely
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    Have you ever experienced temporary loss of reality?

    • Almost daily
    • When no one’s around
    • At occasional intervals
    • Nah
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    Do you have any impulsive behavior issues?

    • Yes, all the time
    • Sometimes. Who doesn’t
    • Very Rarely
    • Never
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    Have you ever tried self mutilating yourself?

    • I have injured myself in the past
    • Struggle to maintain sanity
    • I hunt for healthy ways to culminate the negative thoughts
    • Not at all
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    How do you handle the feeling of being abandoned, even when such threats do not exist?

    • I will go to any extreme to avoid it
    • At times, find it hard to be alone
    • Not frantic in avoiding loneliness
    • I enjoy my alone time
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    Does anyone in your family exhibit intense anger?

    • Everyone in my family has anger issues
    • My parents fight over trivial matters
    • My siblings lose their temper occasionally
    • Nah
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    How do you handle temporary episodes of paranoia?

    • I feel like I’m going through an out-of-body experience
    • I become completely stressed out
    • Nothing severe. I become slightly tensed
    • I do not recall facing such issues
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    How often do you engage in self damaging acts like reckless driving, excess spending, and binge eating?

    • Daily
    • Sometimes
    • Few times occasionally
    • Never
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    Do you experience frequent emotional outbursts or overreactions?

    • I become furious quickly
    • My temper lasts for hours
    • My anger rises gradually. That’s normal
    • I let things go and don’t hold onto it
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    Have you ever come across feelings of chronic emptiness?

    • Yes, every time
    • Occasionally
    • I keep myself distracted
    • Never. I find joy in the simple pleasures of life
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    Do you make frantic efforts to avoid being abandoned by your loved ones?

    • Yeah, isn’t that obvious
    • Hmm
    • Occasionally
    • Nope
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    Do you find it hard to control your temper?

    • When angry, everyone feels my wrath
    • I don’t care how I behave during my outbursts
    • I lash out at times, but I’m fully aware of how I behave
    • I calm down and wait patiently to express my feelings