Could I Be A Model Quiz? (Up To 100% Accurate)

Could I Be A Model Quiz (Up To 100% Accurate)

Long gone are the days when modeling was just about being tall and skinny– now, models come in all shapes and sizes.

There are plus-size models, petite models, male models, and female models of all ages.

With the rise of social media, there are also opportunities for people to become Instagram models or YouTube stars.

So, if you’re thinking, “could I be a model?” then this quiz is for you.

  • Question of

    What’s your current height?

    • 6 feet
    • 5 feet 8 inches
    • 5 feet 5 inches
    • Below 5 feet
  • Question of

    Do you think weight plays a big factor in modeling?

    • Yes, I think being skinny is a requirement
    • Yes, models need to be fit, not skinny
    • No, I think there are opportunities for all types of people in the modeling industry.
    • I don’t know
  • Question of

    What sacrifices are you willing to make to become a model?

    • Diet, exercise, lifestyle changes- anything!
    • I’m not sure; I need to learn more about the industry
    • Probably not much; I don’t think it would be worth it
    • I don’t think I could ever be a model
  • Question of

    Are you comfortable in front of the camera?

    • Try me! *wink*
    • I love being in front of the camera
    • I’m comfortable as long as I know what to do
    • I’m extremely uncomfortable
  • Question of

    What do you think of yourself?

    • Bold, fierce, confident
    • Charming, adventurous, free-spirited
    • Attractive, smart, intelligent
    • Average, normal, like everyone else
  • Question of

    Do you like meeting new people?

    • Absolutely, and even making new friends
    • I don’t mind
    • Depends on what kind of people
    • Not really. I love to be within my comfort zone
  • Question of

    Do you like traveling?

    • Like? I LOVE!
    • Yes, I like it.
    • I don’t mind
    • I hate it
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    If you’re asked to give up your favorite dessert in exchange for a modeling job, would you?

    • Just dessert? I can give up more
    • Sure, I can
    • I have tons of favorites; I can give up just one
    • No, never, not happening
  • Question of

    Who is your favorite celebrity from this list?

    • Tyra Banks
    • Cara Delevingne
    • Kim Kardashian
    • None of the above
  • Question of

    Why are you taking this quiz?

    • I’ve always wanted to be a model
    • My friends suggested I could be a model
    • I’m just curious
    • Just for fun