Quiz for Best Friends: Have You Already Found Your Soulmate?

Quiz for Best Friends

Friends come in all kinds, colors, and shapes. We have friends who are always there when it’s time to hang out, gym buddies, and, of course, shopping mates. But even if you have a buddy for every occasion, having a best friend is still essential if you want your life to be whole.

The bond between best friends is so special and important, and you can prove that your bond with your best friend is unbreakable by taking this quiz for best friends. But first, let’s take a look at the top five benefits of having a best friend in your life.

Your Best Friend Will Always Have Your Back

What’s great about a best friend is that they’d never have malicious intent towards you. Not only are they your other half, but they’ll always be your biggest fan and supporter in life. Unlike other pals, they’d never lie to your face, and if you’re about to do something stupid, they’ll be the first to let you know.

There’s No Nonsense Between Best Friends

When talking to your best friend, you can always cut to the chase and get right to the core of every discussion, because a best friend is someone who knows everything about you, so you don’t need to fill in the blanks with them. Talking to your best friend is like opening a book and knowing exactly where you left off. By taking the below quiz for best friends, you’ll prove to your bestie that you do indeed know everything about them.

A Best Friend Will Always Boost Your Self-Esteem

Having someone who truly cares about you and for whom you care as well in your life makes you feel wanted, thus boosting your self-esteem and helping you achieve self-love.

You’ll Get a Never-Ending Stream of Life Lessons

Every time you comfort your best friend after they’ve done something stupid or committed a mistake, you learn a priceless life lesson that will prepare you for difficult situations down the line in your life.

Your Best Friend Will Always Be There to Listen

One of the greatest benefits of having a best friend is being able to talk about anything and everything freely. There are no boundaries, no taboos. You can talk about your greatest fears, biggest mistakes, and everything in-between without being afraid of them judging you for it. Being able to share intimate details with someone you trust can help normalize whatever has happened, which can go a long way in helping you get over hardships.

Now, let’s cut to the chase. Take this quiz for best friends and prove that you’re indeed besties!

Don’t forget to share it with them so that they can prove it themselves and remember, no cheating!

  • Question of

    Do You Know Any of Your Best Pal’s Secrets?

    • I know all of their secrets, and I’ll take them with me to the grave
    • I know some of their secrets
    • I don’t know
    • No, we don’t tell each other secrets
  • Question of

    How Often Do You Talk to Your Bestie over the Phone/Skype?

    • We don’t need to talk over the phone. We’re literally together all the time.
    • We talk at least once a day.
    • We talk over the phone a few times per week.
    • Wait, people still talk over the phone these days?
  • Question of

    How Long Have You Known Each Other?

    • We were raised together.
    • I’ve known my best friend since primary school.
    • We’ve known each other for a few years.
    • We met a few months back.
  • Question of

    Do You Know Your Bestie’s Type in Men/Women?

    • YES! Basically, I’m the one who chooses their partner.
    • I think I do, though I can be wrong sometimes.
    • Not really.
    • How would I know such a detail?
  • Question of

    Do You Complete Each Other’s Sentences?

    • ALL. THE. TIME.
    • Sometimes
    • Nah
    • They’re my best friend, not my partner.
  • Question of

    Have You Met Your Bestie’s Family?

    • I basically live in their house
    • Of course, I did
    • I’ve met their siblings
    • I haven’t met them yet
  • Question of

    Do You Know What Kind of Music They Like to Listen To?

    • Of course. We play the same beats together.
    • I do, but my taste in music is superior, to be honest.
    • I don’t know; we don’t talk about music.
    • No
  • Question of

    Do You Have Some Embarrassing Photos of Your Friend?

    • My phone is full of them *evil laughter* (but so is theirs)
    • Yes, I do have some.
    • Just some funny pictures, not really embarrassing ones.
    • Why would I?
  • Question of

    Do You Know When Their Birthday Is?

    • I’m the one who reminds them of their birthday.
    • I do
    • I know the month, but not sure about the day.
    • Nah
  • Question of

    Do You Know What Your Best Friend’s Favorite Food Is?

    • Yep
    • It’s something Italian
    • I believe it’s something that has tomatoes in it
    • Well, I’m not their chef, am I?
  • Question of

    You’re in a Party and You Get the Opportunity to Roast Your Best Friend to Make Your Crush Laugh. Do You Do It?

    • I’d never betray my bestie for anyone.
    • I wouldn’t do that for any friend.
    • It depends on what kind of roast we’re talking about here.
    • You can bet your last dollar I’d do anything to impress my crush.
  • Question of

    Where Do You Usually Hang Out with Your Bestie?

    • Either their house or mine. Mi casa es su casa.
    • Anywhere, really.
    • I don’t care that much, to be honest.
    • Anywhere as long as there’s no one around. I don’t want to be seen in public with them.
  • Question of

    Who’s the First Person That Comes to Mind When You’re Feeling Down and Need Someone to Talk To?

    • MY BESTIE.
    • Any of my friends.
    • Either my mum or one of my close friends.
    • No one.
  • Question of

    Do You Borrow Money from Your Best Friend?

    • Only when I have no alternative.
    • Occasionally.
    • I do borrow money at least once per month.
    • That’s basically why we’re friends.
  • Question of

    How Would You Feel if Your Bestie Had to Leave the Country?

    • Devastated. I’d probably hide in their suitcase and go with them.
    • Really sad.
    • Sad, but I’d probably get over it quickly.
    • Indifferent. A lot of fish in the see, amirite?
  • Question of

    You Win the Lottery and Your Bestie Needs Some Money for a Family Emergency. What Do You Do?

    • They can have it all. Money’s worthless if my best friend is unhappy.
    • I can surely spare some money for my bestie.
    • I’d lend them some money for sure.
    • Well, banks and loans are there for a reason, right?
  • Question of

    Do You Laugh at Your Best Friend’s Dad Jokes?

    • Of course I do. That’s why I exist.
    • No harm in fake laughing every now and then.
    • Only if it’s genuinely funny.
    • Ugh. I hate dad jokes.
  • Question of

    Do You Have Funny Nicknames of Each Other?

    • Of course I have a funny nickname for Mr.PeanutButter
    • Yep
    • We do, but we don’t really use them.
    • No, that’s for kids.
  • Question of

    Where Would You Rather Spend Your Vacations?

    • Wherever I can be with my bestie.
    • Anywhere with friends.
    • Well, it depends.
    • Paris, London, Tokyo, anywhere where I can be alone!
  • Question of

    How Would Life Be Without Your Bestie?

    • Empty
    • Boring
    • Just the same, I guess.

Written by Siddhesh Jain

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