Does My Ex Boyfriend Still Love Me Quiz? Find Out Now!

does my ex boyfriend still love me quiz

Don’t worry, we totally understand why you’d want to check out this does my ex boyfriend still love me quiz.

You’re not alone, it’s something we’ve all thought about at one point or another!

Perhaps you’ve just broken up, or maybe it was a while ago but you guys are still in touch.

Maybe you still love him but don’t know if he’s in the same place as you.

It’s a perfectly normal way to feel, and thankfully you can take this quiz to figure it out before broaching the subject!

No point in needlessly embarrassing ourselves!

Let’s get started!

  • Question of

    Is he still in touch with you?

    • Yes, he still speaks to me a lot
    • Yes, he messages me occasionally
    • Only so he can figure out when to get his stuff
    • Only because I instigated it…
  • Question of

    Was it a rough break-up?

    • It went surprisingly smoothly and he was nice about it
    • I’ve had worse
    • I’ve had better
    • It was awful. I hate thinking about it
  • Question of

    Has he collected his stuff from your place?

    • Yeah, he’s been like 5 times. He keeps ‘forgetting’ things
    • He said he’d like to come by soon to get it
    • He said he’d come but he keeps putting it off
    • He told me to just keep it
  • Question of

    You bumped into him. How was he?

    • He seemed happy to see me
    • Cordial
    • Quite short
    • He ran the other way
  • Question of

    His social media is…

    • All sad poems and stuff
    • Pretty much the same as always
    • Crazy. He’s out clubbing all the time
    • I don’t know, he blocked me
  • Question of

    Has he drunk dialed you yet?

    • Yes, he said he regrets breaking up
    • Yes, it was actually a nice chat
    • No
    • Yes, but not to say nice things
  • Question of

    How was your relationship before the breakup?

    • It was awesome until the end
    • It was great most of the time
    • It was bumpy at times
    • It was pretty bad. Maybe it’ll be better next time?
  • Question of

    Do you think your ex still considers you a friend?

    • Definitely
    • Maybe, it’s hard to tell
    • I don’t get that impression
    • Definitely not
  • Question of

    If you mentioned you still liked him, your friends would think…

    • I should go for it!
    • They’d probably encourage me
    • They’d probably advise against it
    • They’ve already said I’m better off without him
  • Question of

    Has he suggested you meet?

    • Yep, he sounds like he really wants to
    • There’s been talk of coffee
    • not yet
    • I suggested it, he said no