Earth Day Quiz 2023: Are You Doing Enough to Save The Planet?

Earth Day Quiz

This Earth Day quiz will test your knowledge about this very special event, as well as your commitment to being the cleanest, greenest person you can be!.

The effects of climate change are becoming more apparent, and we all need to act if we’re going to stop it in its tracks.

It’s the biggest threat we face, and the longer we wait to take proper action the worse the situation will get.

Email newsletters, newspapers, and articles worldwide are discussing the importance of conserving the Earth.

We’re always hearing updates about the status of the Earth, but they seem to get worse and worse by the day. Let’s try and make future scientific updates a little more positive.

We’ve only got one Earth, and we can’t build a new one.

Resources like water are only getting scarcer and scarcer. Maybe this Earth Day quiz can help you search for a way to improve the Earth, and help you understand Why Earth Day is celebrated?.

Each little thing we do to save the earth helps. Even sending an email instead of a physical letter means that one less tree needs to be cut down.

Earth day isn’t just a day to celebrate our Earth, it’s a day to inspire people to make a change. So, what do you know about Why we celebrate Earth Day on 22 April? or When was the 1st Earth Day?.

Are you fully informed, and doing all you can to save the Earth? Or is your knowledge sorely lacking? Join us for this Earth Day quiz, select your answers and find out!.

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    Earth Day is celebrated every year. What year was the first one?

    • 1980
    • 1990
    • 1970
    • 2000
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    Who initially had the idea to have an Earth Day?

    • David Suzuki
    • Mackie Greene
    • Rachel Carson
    • John McConnell
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    On what date is Earth Day currently celebrated each year?

    • May 10th
    • June 5th
    • July 20th
    • April 22nd
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    Which of these important environmental treaties was signed on Earth Day?

    • Montreal Protocol
    • Paris Agreement
    • UN Framework Convention on Climate Change
    • Kyoto Protocol
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    Earth Day is now celebrated around the globe, but in which country did it start?

    • United Kingdom
    • France
    • United States
    • Japan
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    How many countries celebrate Earth Day as of 2021?

    • 165
    • 171
    • 186
    • 192
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    In what year did Earth Day go global?

    • 1995
    • 2000
    • 1990
    • 2005
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    What type of disaster was Earth Day conceived in response to?

    • A forest fires
    • An oil spill
    • A nuclear incident
    • The depletion of the Ozone layer
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    Which president planted a tree on the White House lawn to celebrate Earth Day?

    • Ronald Reagan
    • Bill Clinton
    • George Bush
    • Richard Nixon
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    When was the first Canadian Earth Day?

    • July 10th, 1973
    • August 20th, 1985
    • September 11th, 1980
    • June 3rd, 1989
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    Why were the date chosen for Earth Day?

    • To mark the start of summer
    • The likelihood of nice weather
    • To maximize participation in schools
    • It was already a public holiday
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    What famous image of Earth is featured on the unofficial Earth Day flag?

    • Pale Blue Dot
    • Blue Marble
    • Earth Rise
    • The Blue Planet
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    Which of these is a common activity on Earth Day?

    • Concerts
    • Parties
    • Jumping in the ocean
    • Mass clean-ups
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    Which of these was founded in the same year as the first Earth Day?

    • The World-Wide Fund for Nature (WWF)
    • People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)
    • The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
    • United Nations Environment Program (UNEP)
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    How many species are classed as critically endangered?

    • 631
    • 1132
    • 2769
    • 4574
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    How many animals died in the 2019 and 2020 Australian wildfires?

    • Around 3 million
    • Around 30 million
    • Around 300 million
    • Around 3 billion
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    What percentage of animal life is humanity estimated to have wiped out since the year 1970?

    • 15 percent
    • 30 percent
    • 60 percent
    • 45 percent
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    How much plastic is now thought to be in the oceans?

    • About 50 Billion pieces
    • About 500 million pieces
    • About 50 million pieces
    • About 5 trillion pieces
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    At around 25 percent deforestation, the Amazon Rain forest will no longer be able to survive and will become a grassy plain. What percentage has already been destroyed?

    • 9 percent
    • 12 percent
    • 17 percent
    • 21 percent
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    At the start of 2020, what amount of global energy came from renewable resources?

    • 18 percent
    • 23 percent
    • 28 percent
    • 33 percent