Are You a Food Savvy? Show Us Your Food IQ!

Food IQ

Before taking the Food IQ test, you must be wondering, “why should I care that much about food in the first place?”

Well, Julia Child summed it up pretty well when she said, “people who love to eat are always the best people.”

I mean, it makes sense to care about food. and your food IQ considering that it has all of the following benefits:

  • It brings people together
  • Eating is a social activity
  • Food is always there for you when you need it
  • Preparing meals and following recipes is a fun activity
  • Food allows us to learn more about other cultures
  • Eating the right foods will allow you to achieve great health benefits

All of that does make one linger for some eating, doesn’t it?

Now that you understand the benefits of food, you must be excited to take the food IQ test and show everyone that you’re a true food genius!

Test Your Knowledge with the Food IQ Test!

Before you start, remember to take your time answering every question (and by that, I mean at least one minute per question), as this quiz will determine how food-savvy you are!

  • Question of

    Let’s start with an easy one; do vitamin supplements provide extra energy?

    • No
    • Yes
    • What are vitamin supplements?
    • Why am I even taking this quiz?
  • Question of

    Which of the following foods is recommended for those looking to lower their cholesterol level?

    • Nuts
    • Whole wheat bread
    • Oats
    • None
  • Question of

    Which of the following oil types has the lowest intake of cholesterol and calories?

    • Olive oil
    • Coconut oil
    • Peanut oil
    • They’re all the same
  • Question of

    Which of the following juices has the highest intake of iron?

    • Water
    • Orange juice
    • Apple juice
    • Soda
  • Question of

    Which of the following foods has to travel the longest to reach Chicago in the middle of the winter?

    • Banana
    • Grapes
    • Tomatoes
    • Mushrooms
  • Question of

    Which of the following foods has the highest amount of pesticide when bought non-organic?

    • Grapes
    • Apples
    • Orange
    • Tomatoes
  • Question of

    Which kind of sugar is the healthiest?

    • White sugar
    • Brown sugar
    • Honey
    • Sugar isn’t healthy
  • Question of

    How many pounds of antibiotics are given to livestock in the US every year?

    • 6 million
    • 12 million
    • 28 million
    • 50.8 million
  • Question of

    Is it true that all ingredients used in the US food supply are approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration)?

    • I don’t know
    • Yes
    • Nope
    • What is the FDA?
  • Question of

    GRAS is the acronym used for the FDA’s safety evaluation for food additives. What does the acronym stand for?

    • Generally Recognized As Safe
    • Graded Regulatory Action Standards
    • Given Requirements Are Safe
    • Going Right As Silk?
  • Question of

    What is ascorbic acid known as?

    • Vitamin B1
    • Vitamin C
    • Vitamin A
    • The digestive acid
  • Question of

    What’s the main purpose of adding salt to certain foods (besides taste and texture)?

    • Color
    • Working as a preservative
    • Reducing food waste
    • None of the above
  • Question of

    Can foods that are low in salt help reduce blood pressure?

    • Yes
    • Nope
    • I don’t know
    • What does salt have to do with blood pressure?
  • Question of

    Where can you find the nutritional facts and ingredients of different packaged foods?

    • On the food packaging
    • You can’t
    • I don’t usually look for those
    • Are those important?
  • Question of

    Considering that a daily intake of 400g of caffeine is considered moderate by the FDA, how many 8-ounce cups of coffee would you need to consume to reach the FDA’s consumption limit?

    • One cup per day
    • Two cups per day
    • Three to four cups per day
    • Sorry i forgot my calculator
  • Question of

    What’s the healthiest way to add flavor to your meals?

    • Add salt
    • Add butter
    • Season them using spices and herbs
    • Frying them
  • Question of

    How many 8-ounce cups of water do adults need to drink every day?

    • 2 cups
    • 4 cups
    • 8 cups
    • 20 cups
  • Question of

    Can choosing healthy food options really help you manage stress, sleep, weight, and energy level?

    • Of course
    • I don’t think so
    • That’s a good question
    • I’ll have to try to find out
  • Question of

    Is it true that you can eat whatever you want as long as you exercise regularly?

    • Isn’t that the whole point of exercising?
    • No
    • Yes
    • I don’t exercise, so I don’t really know nor care
  • Question of

    Is it true that chocolate and fast-food can cause body aches?

    • No
    • Yes!
    • I don’t know
    • Let’s keep chocolate out of this, okay?
  • Question of

    Which of the following options isn’t actually a nut?

    • Pecan
    • Chestnuts
    • Filberts
    • Almond
  • Question of

    Are avocados considered drupes or berries?

    • Drupes
    • None
    • What even are drupes and berries?
    • Berries
  • Question of

    The Sharon fruit is also known as:

    • Passionfruit
    • Devilfruit
    • Persimmon
    • Plum
  • Question of

    What is Mille-Feuille?

    • A croissant
    • A Pastry
    • A pain au chocolate
    • A cake
  • Question of

    Which of the following is not a traditional ingredient in pesto?

    • Parsley
    • Basil
    • Pine nuts
    • Amond
  • Question of

    Which of the following is not an ingredient in eggplant lasagna?

    • Eggplant
    • Sea salt
    • Pepper
    • Pine nuts
  • Question of

    Are bananas healthy or not?

    • Yes they’re healhty
    • Nope they’re not
    • I don’t know
    • Can I call a friend?
  • Question of

    Are pretzels healthy or not?

    • I eat them every day, so they better be
    • Nope, obviously
    • What are pretzels?
    • I don’t know
  • Question of

    Are smoothies healthy?

    • Yes, as long as you consume it moderately
    • No
    • It tastes bad, so nope
    • I don’t drink, so I don’t care
  • Question of

    Is soy healthy or not?

    • Yes soy is healthy
    • Nah it’s not healthy
    • Any vegetable is healthy
    • What’s soy?
  • Question of

    Are veggie sticks healthy?

    • I don’t even know what those are
    • They’re made of potato starch or rice flour, so no
    • I think so
    • Yes
  • Question of

    How many servings of veggies and fruits should one consume every day?

    • At least three servings of vegetables and two servings of fruit
    • At least three servings of vegetables and three servings of fruit
    • At least four servings of vegetables and three servings of fruit
    • At least five servings of vegetables and four servings of fruit
  • Question of

    How many calories should be in a healthy snack?

    • 50 to 100 calories
    • 150 to 200 calories
    • 250 to 400 calories
    • 500 to 700 calories
  • Question of

    How many kilojoules are there in 1 kilocalorie?

    • 1
    • 4.1868
    • 6.5846
    • 10.2589
  • Question of

    Is it true that you cannot build muscle mass when following a vegan diet?

    • Yes
    • Nope, many vegan foods are rich in protein
    • How would I know?
    • Aren’t vegan foods low in protein?
  • Question of

    The Junk Food King what is it called?

    • Sandwich
    • Burger
    • Pizza
    • Waffles
  • Question of

    What’s this healthy thing called

    Healthy Salad
    • Yikes don’t know
    • Macrons?
    • Deserts
    • Salads
  • Question of

    When you see this what Food comes to your mind?

    Junk Food
    • Burger
    • Waffles
    • Pancake
    • Pizza
  • Question of

    Can you guess what this is?

    • Guacamole
    • Avocado
    • Strawberry
    • Blue Berry
  • Question of

    Can you guess what is there in the bowl?

    • Something Nutritional
    • Junk Food
    • Milk and More Milk
    • Cereals