What Do I Want to Eat? (100% Real Answer)

what do I want to eat

Getting hungry is no walk in the park, especially when it’s lunch or dinner time (or anything in between actually).

But what’s worst about that hunger is having to wonder what should I eat, which is why we find ourselves asking this question a lot of times during the day/night.

Worry not though as in after finishing this what do I want to eat quiz, the right food for you will be obvious.

One thing to keep in mind though, is that you must consider consulting your dietitian before taking the quiz as you may end up overeating (joking).

  • Question of

    How hungry are you?

    • Not really hungry. I want to eat out of boredom. Maybe something sweet?
    • I’d like to grab some light lunch or dinner
    • Just a bit hungry. I just want to grab a snack.
    • Boy, I could eat a horse right now!
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    What’s the last thing you ate?

    • I haven’t eaten anything since forever (aka this morning)
    • Something unhealthy (don’t judge, please)
    • A snack, I believe
    • A BIG MEAL
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    What are you doing right now?

    • I’m visiting some family members
    • I’m in a coffee shop
    • I’m just chilling at home
    • It’s lunchtime, and I’m at the office
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    How much time do you have?

    • Time? What’s that?
    • Maybe 15 minutes or so
    • A few hours
    • Time is no problem in my hood
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    Are you willing to put on your apron and cook something?

    • Sorry, I’m not THAT hungry.
    • Sure. Home food is way healthier.
    • I love baking. I hate cooking.
    • I’m too hungry; I’d rather eat out or order something online
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    Are you near a kitchen?

    • Yes!
    • Nope
    • There’s a microwave if that counts
    • I’m. Not. Cooking. Anything.
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    Are you on the move?

    • Not really
    • I’m in my car right now
    • I could be if that’s necessary!
    • I’m not leaving the couch if that’s what you’re asking
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    Do you have any money to eat?

    • Nope. The cheaper, the better
    • I’m on a budget, so I don’t want to spend much on food
    • Money is not a problem
    • I have a Pizza Hut coupon if that counts
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    What kind of food would you like to eat?

    • Something healthy. Maybe a salad?
    • Something sweet!
    • Probably a light snack
    • Did I stutter? I said I’m hungry!
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    What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve ever tried?

    • I don’t like to take risks
    • Ghost Pepper hot sauce
    • Supreme pizza
    • Vegan Mango Mousse
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    Where are you most likely to be on a typical day off?

    • Doing yoga
    • At the farmer’s market
    • Hanging out with friends
    • Netflix and Chill, baby!
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    Do you have a sweet tooth?

    • Yes, all the time!
    • I do, sometimes
    • Rarely. I’d rather eat healthily
    • Nope. Sweets aren’t my thing.
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    When was the last time you ate out?

    • I NEVER eat out
    • Last week or something
    • Maybe last month?
    • I ALWAYS eat out
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    Are you planning to eat with someone else?

    • Nope. I’m going solo!
    • I’d rather not, but I don’t mind sharing if it came down to it
    • Maybe, just give something to eat already!
    • Yes, I’m planning to eat with someone else
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    How often do you cook your meals at home?

    • Always. Home food is good food (it’s also healthier!)
    • Sometimes
    • Not as often I’d like to
    • I always eat out
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    Do you have access to a convenience store or a vending machine?

    • Nope
    • There’s one around the corner
    • Yep I always do
    • I’d rather avoid that kind of food
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    Are you worried about your weight?

    • Not at all
    • Kind of
    • Not really
    • Yes, of course
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    Do you want to save some leftovers for later?

    • Who cares about later? I’m hungry NOW!
    • I don’t mind either way
    • Yes I always save
    • No, I Don’t save
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    Are you looking to have a new adventure and experience or just to feed yourself?

    • New experiences are always welcome
    • I don’t mind either way
    • I just want to grab something really quick to fuel my body
    • For the last time, I only care about filling my stomach at the moment!
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    Last question; what time of the day is it?

    • Lunch time
    • Dinner time
    • Evening
    • Middle of the night