99.99% Accurate Picky Eater Test (2023 updated)

The Ultimate Picky Eater Test

We all have preferences and foods that we avoid when it comes to eating. It could be because of the texture of the food or several various reasons.

People that are very particular about the food that they eat only particular foods during their lifetime.

The categories of these people range from having preferences and being open to trying new food to strictly eating food you know and like.

To find out what type of foodie you are, here is a Picky Eater Test to help you out.

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    Is your diet different from that of the rest of the family?

    • Nope it isn’t
    • Maybe on few occasions
    • Yes always different
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    Must one or more of your foods be a specific brand or well prepared; otherwise, you will refuse to eat them?

    • No i eat everything
    • It depends on my mood
    • Yea i’ll starve but won’t eat it
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    When ordering a burger/sandwich, are you specific about its ingredients?

    • Not really I like to experiment
    • Depends on the restaurant
    • Of course why wouldn’t I be
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    Will you enjoy your favorite meal if it came in contact with a type of food that you usually dislike?

    • Yes why not
    • Maybe if it’s not been contaminated
    • Hell No I won’t
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    Do you remove lettuce from your burger if you dislike its shade of green?

    • Haha No
    • I admit do remove at times
    • All the time i hate it
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    Do you try new types of food or new cuisines regularly?

    • I live to eat yes
    • While travelling
    • Why would i risk my health so NO
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    Do you consume less than ten different foods?

    • 10 i think i consume more than 100
    • I think around 10 – 20
    • 5 or less for me
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    Do you ever seem interested in eating or seem to have no appetite whatsoever?

    • Post my lunch/dinner lol
    • If i’m sick
    • Most of the times
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    Are you picky about the food you eat because you have allergies?

    • No
    • ,Maybe
    • Yes
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    Do you like one food texture compared with another, like crispy or soft?

    • Umm i’m fine with all food texture
    • At times yes
    • Always need the perfect texture
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    Your parents brought different flavored ice-creams for you and your siblings, how do you pick yours?

    • I am usually the last one to pick. Anything would do!
    • My parents already know my favorite flavor. So I’m picking that!
    • Only my usual choco-chip cookie flavor, with real chunks of cookies in it!
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    Have you ever been disappointed because of food?

    • Nah, I love food!
    • Yup
    • Disappointed? I have even been angry for food!
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    Has anybody called you a picky eater before?

    • Not all!
    • Yes, twice or thrice!
    • Yes, everybody calls me that
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    What do you think about buffets? Do you enjoy them?

    • Heck yes!
    • Only if they’re serving something I like
    • Never!
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    How do you prefer your salads?

    • Any kind would do, honestly!
    • The ones I make
    • Hmm…You can serve me any salad. But I’d only pick and eat those veggies that I like. Lol
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    Guess you’ve heard about Pineapples on Pizza? How do you feel about that?

    • Sounds fun, I’d give it a try!
    • I don’t think I want that
    • Ew. That’s gross!
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    Do you usually refuse to eat?

    • Not really
    • Sometimes, yes!
    • Most of the times
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    Your colleague invited you for dinner. What are you thinking?

    • “Can’t wait to dig in”
    • “I hope they’re serving something I like”
    • “Oh no, I might have to pretend I like the food”
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    How long do you take to choose something from the menu?

    • I’m pretty quick
    • 5mins
    • I’m always the last one to pick!
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    Has anybody ever convinced you to eat something you don’t like?

    • Lol, all the time!
    • Not really.
    • Over my dead body.