Take This Game of Thrones Quiz to Know How Big of a Fan You Are

Game of Thrones quiz

Game of Thrones is finally wrapping up its final season, and everyone’s favorite show is coming to an end. As sad as that may be, it’s actually quite nice – finally knowing how everything will end and who’s going to sit on the Iron Throne. Will it be Cersei? Jon? Dany? Arya?

“We have won the great war. Now, we will win the last war.”

Daenerys Targaryen

Game of Thrones is such a great show that everyone’s sad because it’s ending soon. I can’t imagine how empty life will be once the show wraps up for good. It’s easy to see why. Just name one other series that gets fans everything they want to see – including knights, magic, medieval weaponry, dragons, and freaking zombie – in a harmonic manner. Many shows have tried to do the same in the past but failed measurably.

I know you’re a die hard fan of the show; otherwise, you wouldn’t be here reading this right now, but due to how long the journey was, you’ve probably forgotten half of the small details you swore you’d never forget… or have you?

Well, it’s time to find out how big of a fan you are through our Game of Thrones quiz.

Why Should You Take the Game of Thrones Quiz?

The answer is easy: you should take the Game of Thrones quiz to prove that you know everything about the show (in other words, to prove that you’re not the real-life Jon Snow, (the knower of nothing) and to show your friends that you’re the biggest GoT fan in the group. Just invite all of them to take this quiz and see for yourself who sits on the Iron Throne of knowledge.

So, without further ado, let’s get to the Game of Thrones quiz!

  • Question of

    Which Fan-Hated Knight Executed Eddard Stark in the First Season?

    • Ser Meryn Trant
    • Ser Jamie Lannister
    • Ser Ilyn Payne
    • Ser Janos Slynt
  • Question of

    Who Is the King Beyond the Wall?

    • Robb Stark
    • Tormund Giantsbane
    • Jon Snow
    • Mance Rayder
  • Question of

    Who Was the Closest to Arya Among Her Siblings?

    • Sansa Stark
    • Robb Stark
    • Jon Snow
    • Bran Stark
  • Question of

    What Did Arya Call the Sword Jon Gave Her in the First Season?

    • Pointy
    • Needle
    • Storm
    • Winter
  • Question of

    Why Was Beric Dondarrion Resurrected Many Times? What Was His Ultimate Purpose?

    • To kill the Night King
    • To protect Arya Stark at the end
    • To look badass with his flaming sword
    • To show the true power of the god of light
  • Question of

    Who Is the Long-Awaited Azor Ahoi in Game of Thrones?

    • Jon Snow
    • Daenerys Targaryen
    • Arya Stark
    • Jamie Lannister
  • Question of

    Whom Among These Characters Didn’t Make It Past the Third Episode of the Final Season?

    • Sansa Stark
    • Jamie Lannister
    • Theon Grejoy
    • Jon Snow
  • Question of

    What Nearly Exposed Arya in the Library in the Third Episode of the Final Season?

    • A falling book
    • Blood drops
    • Her screaming
    • The wights saw here
  • Question of

    How Many Times Did Thoros of Myr Resurrect Beric Dondarrion?

    • Twice
    • Four Times
    • Six Times
    • Ten Times
  • Question of

    What Did Melisandre Say to Arya Stark When She First Met Her in the Third Season?

    • I see a darkness in you, but that won’t get you anywhere. We will meet again.
    • I see a darkness in you, and in that darkness, eyes staring back at me: brown eyes, blue eyes, green eyes. Eyes you’ll shut forever.
    • Your father was a good man. Too bad he isn’t here to protect you know.
    • I see a darkness in you, and in that darkness, eyes staring back at me: brown eyes, purple eyes, green eyes. Eyes you’ll shut forever.