Here’s Everything You Need to Know About FF 15 Balouve Mines

FF 15 Balouve Mines

Final Fantasy 15 is full of quests and dungeons that you can explore, each of which ending with a treasure that you can carry you with you as you progress with the story.

The FF 15 Balouve Mines is a side quest that ends with a Bow of the Clever, a royal arm that adds 10,000 EXP, and it has plenty of accessories that can come in handy along the way. That’s why I recommend taking your time to explore this dungeon when you play Final Fantasy 15.

What Are the Belouve Mines in Final Fantasy?

Balouve Mines is a dungeon that’s located on the way to Galdin Quay in the Leide region. The dungeon is relatively easy to find as there’s a distinguishable parking lot just on the outside. As for the design, the mine is multi-layered, and you can use an elevator to move between the different levels.

Even though you can come across FF 15 Balouve Mines in any chapter of the game, including the first one, I recommend not doing so until you’ve at least reached level 50. While all regular enemies in the dungeon are level 7 goblins that you can defeat easily no matter your own level, the final boss, Aramusha, is level 50. Sure, you can beat him with the right strategy even if you’re at a low level, but it would be easier to do so when you become an advanced player.

How Can You Complete FF 15 Balouve Mines?

To complete the FF 15 Balouve Mines side quest, head to the dungeon’s parking spot in south Leide. From there, go through the dilapidated building to the southeast, where you’ll find a path that you need to follow. At the end of the track, you’ll find an elevator that you can use to enter the FF 15 Balouve Mines.

You can either spend some time exploring the different levels of the mine or head directly to floor B2F, in which you can fight the final boss of the dungeon and end the side quest.

After reaching the floor, follow the tracks and get the right fork when you reach it. By the end of the path, you’ll find yourself on a narrow bridge within a large, open chamber. There, Aramusha will appear for the first time. Aramusha will knock you to the floor below, but don’t worry, as that’s part of the game.

After dealing with the goblin resistance in the below floor, which shouldn’t give you a hard time since they’re level 7, head east and take the passage on the left at the end, then climb the stairs to get back to the upper floor.

Once there, head north, then turn left at the end of the corridor. Once you reach the end of the Y-junction, head west until you find yourself in a metal tunnel. Take the door on your left, then climb down some ladders to face Aramusha.

Here’s a video from IGN that shows how you can explore FF 15 Balouve Mines:

How to Defeat Aramusha

The final boss of FF 15 Balouve Mines is resistant to fire, but he’s weak to Royal Arms, Swords, Daggers, Lightening, and weapons that deal poison damage. What’s challenging about Aramusha is that he can drain your stamina. He also has an instant kill attack as well as an AoE attack that can cause confusion.

Yes, Aramusha may seem challenging and hard to beat, but it’s feasible, especially if you’re at the recommended level. If you get stuck, here’s a video that shows a little trick on how you can defeat the final boss of FF 15 Balouve Mines easily:

FF 15 Balouve Mines isn’t really an exciting dungeon, as most of it is just level 7 goblins and empty tunnels, but it’s still good to cross to understand how dungeons, tombs, and royal arms work in Final Fantasy 15.