Personality Quiz: Which Greek God Are You?

which Greek god are you

“Which Greek god or godless am I?” If you’re into Greek mythology, you’ve probably had this thought before.

There are hundreds of Greek gods and goddesses, starting from the lightning god to the god of war, thunder, water, and even love.

There’s nothing more exciting than having supernatural powers and being a god. But which of these gods’ personalities resonates most with you?

This quiz will weigh in on all your personality traits to find out which Greek god are you. Find out what you would be worshiped for.

  • Question of

    How would you describe the perfect relationship?

    • I’m not only commitments and relationships.
    • It’s the chase that’s exciting; rather than the relationship
    • Love and passion
    • Relationships are complicated. And perfection cannot be achieved.
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    Which phrase from the following do you think best describes you?

    • You need to live life like it’s your last day on earth
    • Chivalry is not dead
    • Love yourself
    • What is love but a warm summer’s day
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    If you are angry, how do you react?

    • I would rather walk away from situations like that
    • No one will walk away from my wrath
    • I will crush their spirits
    • I’m not angered easily.
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    What kind of sports do you like?

    • Anything that gives me an adrenaline rush
    • Something like rugby or football
    • I’m all about mind games.
    • I’m not sporty at all.
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    What do you think people will remember you for?

    • My epic parties
    • The lovers I’ve had
    • My beauty
    • The words I leave behind
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    What is your ideal way of getting the attention of someone you like?

    • Do something impulsive in front of a lot of people
    • Court them till they give in
    • I don’t chase them. They come to me.
    • Write them a song and sing it.
  • Question of

    Which movie among the following is your favorite?

    • The princess bride
    • The king’s speech
    • 50 shades of Grey
    • Begin Again
  • Question of

    What would you say is the place you want to be the most?

    • Tasting the best wine at a vineyard.
    • Screaming my lungs out at a football game
    • In the arms of my lover.
    • Reading a book, curled up in a blanket, on a rainy day.
  • Question of

    If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

    • Is that even a question? Duh, turn water into wine
    • I want to live forever. Immortality!
    • I want to have super strength.
    • I want to be immune to fire.
  • Question of

    What, according to you, is the key to a happy life?

    • Surround yourself with friends and family who love and support you no matter what
    • Always know your worth and work your best to reach the top
    • Always spread love where you go and be kind to each other
    • Listen to music, read a book, and take life with a pinch of salt.
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    If you were a god, what would people pray to you for?

    • Happiness and inspiration
    • Glory and strength
    • Passion and desire
    • Wisdom and knowledge
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    Where do you see yourself in a year?

    • I’ll probably be freelancing and hustling but still enjoying my life
    • CEO of my own company; multi-million dollar businesses.
    • At home, with my kids and partner
    • Achieve world fame as best selling author
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    What would you say is your secret weapon?

    • My irresistible charm. I never get a no when I turn it on.
    • Manipulation skills. I know the way around a person’s thoughts.
    • Persuasion skills. I can be adamant when I want to.
    • My perfect instincts. I’m almost always right.
  • Question of

    What do you want to leave behind when you die?

    • Pictures and videos of my best days
    • My legacy to my children
    • A world with love and kindness
    • A book as my memoir
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    Which of the following places would you like to visit?

    • Château Margaux
    • Great Sphinx of Giza
    • Eiffel Tower
    • New York City
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    What is your go-to art for leisure?

    • Pop music
    • Good Architecture
    • Progressive cinema
    • Old literature
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    How do you reckon you win a war?

    • I wouldn’t go to war
    • I’ll win with sheer strength
    • Probably outwit my enemies
    • Definite Rain down hellfire
  • Question of

    Which was your favorite subject in school?

    • Health sciences
    • History lessons
    • Moral sciences
    • British Literature
  • Question of

    Pick your favorite weather

    • The hot summer
    • Calm spring days
    • A blissful autumn evening
    • The lonely winters
  • Question of

    If you were the leader of a nation, what would be your priority?

    • To get everyone to start living their lives the way they want
    • Take full responsibility and change a few political things immediately
    • Teach everyone how to love thy neighbors
    • To get everyone to document each moment of history.