Is Your Ex Over You Quiz? Take This Quiz, And You’ll Know!

how to know if your ex is over you quiz

OBVIOUSLY, you’re over them, but there’s no harm in taking this how to know if your ex is over you quiz to work out if the feeling is mutual, right?

Sometimes when relationships break down, there are still residual feelings on one side or the other.

Sometimes it’s mutual, and the breakup doesn’t last. It’s far from unheard of. Is that how it is in your case, though?

There are a few ways to know whether your former partner still has love for you.

This quiz will help you determine whether there’s still some life in the relationship, or if it’s over for good.

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    You noticed them while you were out. How did they look?

    • Pretty darn unhappy
    • A little sad
    • Normal
    • They were skipping down the street
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    Are they posting much on social media?

    • Yes, but only sad stuff
    • The same as usual
    • No
    • Yes, of them partying and hooking up
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    Have they been in touch with you?

    • Yeah, quite a few times
    • Once or twice
    • Not yet
    • They won’t reply to me
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    Have they gotten the stuff they left at your place?

    • Yes, they’ve been a few times to pick stuff up
    • No, but they said they want to come by
    • Not yet, they keep bailing
    • They don’t want it anymore
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    Have you heard from his friends since it ended?

    • They said they were so sorry, and they can’t believe we broke up
    • They’ve been pretty supportive
    • They’ve barely spoken to me
    • They won’t reply to me
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    Was your relationship good while it lasted?

    • The best!
    • They treated me well
    • It could have been better
    • It was pretty toxic
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    Has your ex been in touch with your friends?

    • Yeah, they’ve definitely spoken a few times
    • I think they might have spoken
    • Not that I know of
    • No, they hated my friends
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    It was a special occasion recently. Did they get in touch with you?

    • Yeah! It was good to hear from them
    • Yeah, they sent a quick text
    • No
    • Only to be a jerk about it
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    What was the last thing they said to you during the breakup?

    • I’m sorry, I wish it didn’t have to be like this
    • It’s not you, it’s me
    • It’s not me, it’s you
    • Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!
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    Have they said they miss you yet?

    • A few times!
    • Once
    • I think they were about to say it this one time…
    • Nope