Discover: Love languages test for kids

love languages test for kids

If you had to transfer your kid to a new school, what would be your child’s reaction on the first day?

A Child’s love language might be a little challenging to know, especially if they are still not good at communicating their feelings to you. Love languages test for kids are tests that help you  understand how your child may display feelings of love and affection. Once you get all the answers to this love test for kids, you’ll be able to communicate better with your kids and know what it means when they do specific actions.

Love is a pretty complex word that can have many different meanings. Many people see it as a form of affection and care, but it can also mean understanding and passion. It is a profoundly subjective feeling that is already so complex for adults to understand that it may be even more confusing for a child.

Many adults will tell you that their love language is touch or food or words, and we can communicate with each other through proper channels, but when it comes to little children, they may have difficulty putting the words together to tell you what they mean through their actions.

Especially when children are very young and still don’t have a firm grasp on languages, you may find that they are also communicating with you through the different things they do, which may not seem so significant to you, but it’s essential to understand.

Understanding your child’s love language can be extremely helpful in letting you form deeper, better relationships with your kids. We’ve all heard that “it all starts at home.” So when you have a strong relationship established at home built on communication and understanding, your child will princely grow up to have such meaningful relationships even in adulthood.

A child can use many forms of love languages to communicate their feelings with you. You need to understand that a child may feel, give and receive love differently. Therefore you should keep your mind open to new possibilities and realize the different ways that a child shows love.

Take this love languages test for kids to understand your child better and what their love language is.

  • Question of

    What helps your kids calm down when they are being hyper active?

    • Telling them sternly using words
    • Promising tv time if they behaved
    • Told them that I would take them to the park if they behave
    • Holding them and telling them to behave
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    In case you made plans with your child to go out to the park, but you had an unexpected change of plans. What will be your child’s reaction?

    • Needs me to tell them it will happen another day
    • Have to compensate with quality time
    • Trade one thing for another
    • A long hug and cuddle time
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    If your child won an award at school, what kind of reward makes them the happiest?

    • Encouraging words
    • Going out for family dinner
    • Giving them a new toy
    • Hugging and kissing them
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    Before going to bed, what is one thing that your child constantly asks from you?

    • Tell them they are good kids
    • Read a book
    • They ask for a cup of water
    • Wants to be tucked in
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    From your perspective, what is the one thing that your child loves to do with you?

    • Hear you tell them “good job.”
    • Play games together
    • Go on an adventure
    • Snuggle in bed with you
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    What is your approach if you have to give your child some bad news?

    • Short and simple words
    • Spend some quality time before the news
    • Give them their favorite toy to hold
    • Hold their hand
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    If your child is playing football and a kid in front of them falls, what do you think will be their response?

    • Encourage the other kid
    • Sit next to the kid until they feel better
    • Give them a bottle of water
    • Pats them on the back
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    If you were to ask your kid how they know you love them, what do you think would be their response?

    • Because I tell them I love them
    • Because I spend all my days with them
    • Because I give them new things
    • Because I hug them
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    How do you think your child tries to help their peers out?

    • By giving them words of encouragement
    • Stand with them or behind them as support
    • Giving them something they need
    • Giving them a hug
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    If your child is bedridden with a cold, what do they usually do?

    • They wait for some words of encouragement from me.
    • They love to ask for a story time
    • They want to cuddle their favorite doll
    • They need me to cuddle them
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    If your kid comes home after a bad day, what can you do to make them feel better?

    • Some kind words
    • Playing a game with them
    • Taking them for a ride
    • Tickling them
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    If your child thinks you are sad, what do they do?

    • Ask me if I am okay
    • Spend some time fixing their puzzle pieces together
    • Brings me a cup of water
    • Hugs me
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    How do you think your child would like to celebrate their birthday?

    • Request a handwritten card from all the friends
    • Small party but only close friends
    • A short list of gifts
    • Hugs from the whole family
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    If you had to transfer your kid to a new school, what would be your child’s reaction on the first day?

    • Ask for words of encouragement
    • Wants to go back home
    • Needs their favorite toy
    • Wants to hold my hand
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    What is one thing that always seems to make your child laugh?

    • Comic book strips
    • Telling jokes
    • Running around in the park
    • Playing wrestling with them on the bed
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    Whenever your child is happy, what do they do?

    • They express it with a lot of words
    • They ask for a full day of fun with you
    • Request for a trip to McDonald’s
    • Jump around and hug you
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    What would it typically be about if your child’s teacher told you that your child helped a classmate?

    • Through acknowledgments
    • By sitting next to them when no one would
    • Giving them an extra eraser or pencil
    • Patting their backs when they did well
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    According to you, how does your child show you that they love you?

    • They tell me loud and clear
    • Wants me to read them a storybook
    • They wish to take the pet and me to the park for a fun picnic
    • Ask for a long hug
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    Suppose your old pet died; how does your child respond?

    • Write a eulogy
    • Sit alone and think about it
    • Bring an old collar or toy of the pet and keep it with them
    • Needs a hug from you
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    If your kid is sick in school, what is one thing that will cheer them up?

    • They request the nurse to let me talk to them on the phone
    • To go home and watch movies together
    • To get better by drinking their favorite flavored medicine
    • By snuggling with me