Pirate Name Generator (Up To 99.99% Accurate)

Pirate Name Generator

In all works of fiction, pirates are recurring characters. They are all about the fun, charismatic characters who bring life to the movie or story. Although they are hardly always the hero of the story, there’s no denying the audience’s connection with them.

And if you look at all the fictional pirates, you know of, they all share one thing in common: their quirky names.

Of course, pirates also had regular people names, but as pirates, they adapted new sea names that sometimes explain a little bit about their character.

So, this pirate name generator quiz will give you some options if you’ve always wondered what your pirate name will be. Answer the questions as accurately as possible so that you get a name that’s fit your personality.

  • Question of

    What would be your most prized possession if you were a pirate?

    • The rabbit’s foot I found at an old flea market
    • Nothing is more important than my dagger
    • My satchel, for sure
    • My special poisoned knife strapped to my calfs
  • Question of

    What is your choice of props to take to a pirate-themed party?

    • It’s all about the accessories
    • I need a pirate’s hat
    • A pair of wooden legs
    • What’s a pirate without his chest of gold?
  • Question of

    Which is one of your favorite pirate movies of all time?

    • Treasure Island
    • Cutthroat Island
    • Queens of Langkasuka
    • Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Question of

    Are you experienced at sea?

    • I’m pretty decent, I should say
    • I am the best
    • I have had my fair share of sea travels
    • I could say so
  • Question of

    If you were stranded in the middle of the sea with only one person on board, who would you rather that person be among the following?

    • My pet pig
    • My Quartermaster should be with me
    • As long as the cook is with me, I’m okay
    • I don’t need the company
  • Question of

    Which is one of the famous pirates you like?

    • Captain Henry Morgan
    • No one can beat Blackbeard
    • Calico Jack
    • Thomas Tew
  • Question of

    What kind of cruise do you wish to go on?

    • Mackinac Island Pirate Cruise
    • I would love to be on the Buccaneer Pirate Cruise
    • The Red Dragon Pirate Cruise is my lifelong dream
    • I’ve been dreaming of going on a Salty Sam’s Pirate Cruise
  • Question of

    If you could have any ship you want, which one would you choose?

    • I want to go on the Royal Fortune
    • Nothing quite like Queen Anne’s Revenge
    • My favorite is the Adventure Galley
    • Nothing beats the Black Pearl
  • Question of

    What is your weapon of choice as a pirate at sea?

    • I only need the heavy cannons
    • Of course, the muskets
    • I only need my trusted pistols
    • I choose cutlasses
  • Question of

    If you were on a ship, which role do you think you’ll be playing?

    • I think the role of the Quartermaster
    • The Captain
    • I can work as the navigator
    • I guess I could be the carpenter on board
  • Question of

    What would you say is your deepest desire as a pirate?

    • Finding the greatest treasure of all time
    • To become famous
    • I need a good retirement plan
    • I don’t need anything except adventures
  • Question of

    Are you someone who maintains a bucket list?

    • Not really
    • I do not
    • I have checked everything off
    • I have an endless list
  • Question of

    What do you consider to be the most outstanding quality in you?

    • My loyalty
    • My combat skills
    • I am resilient
    • A strategic mind
  • Question of

    You’re at sea with your crew, and it gets boring. What’s your favorite pirate’s shanty?

    • The Coasts of High Barbary
    • Blow the Man Down
    • The Bonny Ship The Diamond
    • Rolling Down to Old Maui
  • Question of

    In all your friendships, what kind of role do you play?

    • I am the peacemaker
    • The one who takes the lead
    • One with all the advice
    • I’m the life of the party
  • Question of

    What are your dreams mostly about?

    • I found the long-lost treasure
    • Everyone knows me on and off the sea
    • I’m peacefully living my life out in the shadows
    • I go on adventures every day
  • Question of

    If you were to walk the plank, what do you think is the reason for it?

    • I was ambushed and captured as a prisoner
    • For being ruthless
    • I ate all their food
    • For stealing
  • Question of

    If you were to wake up tomorrow as an animal, what kind of animal would you choose?

    • A bull
    • Buffalo for sure
    • An owl
    • A Fox
  • Question of

    What is your temperament like?

    • Calm and calculated
    • A bit hot-headed
    • Quiet and easygoing
    • Chilled out
  • Question of

    Which ocean would you sail first if you could become a pirate?

    • The North Atlantic Ocean
    • The Southern oceans
    • The South Pacific ocean
    • The Indian Ocean