Take Which Travel Destination Best Fits Your Personality Quiz

which travel destination best fits your personality quiz

Despite all those beautiful places worldwide to visit, our heart gravitates to a few selective places only.

Why are some places not appealing to us?. Why do we like something different from others?

Well, that’s who we are! No two personalities are the same—different personalities like different places.

Come, let’s find out what suits you the best with our “which travel destination best fits your personality quiz.”

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    What motivates you to take a trip?

    • Need a break from hectic schedule
    • Want new collection for my wardrobe
    • Want to explore the world
    • It’s time to have some fun!
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    What is that one thing that you always carry in your travel bag?

    • A good book to relax
    • My credit card is a must
    • Can’t travel without a good camera
    • My sunscreen is a must
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    How do you plan a trip?

    • I book tickets and take off to the place I love the most
    • I let companies handle my bookings and stay
    • I do extensive research about places before I go somewhere
    • I just pack my bags and travel wherever life takes me
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    What do you expect after coming back from a trip?

    • Relaxed mind and body
    • Bags full of new stuffs shopped from the destination
    • Tons of knowledge about new culture, people and place
    • A bag full of adventurous memories
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    Who do you enjoy traveling with the most?

    • With my spouse or best friend
    • A bunch of friends
    • I love solo travels
    • An unknown group with similar interests
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    What is the best way for sightseeing at the destination?

    • Rent a car
    • Can we have a limo please?
    • Local public transport
    • Hitchhike all the way
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    Where would you like to take an accommodation?

    • Resorts far away from the city
    • Centrally located luxury hotels
    • Home stays or any place I can interact with the locals
    • Hostels or eco-friendly places
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    Where would you prefer eating?

    • Order room service
    • Best fine dining in the city
    • Cook myself or dine at local food joints
    • Fast food chains
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    What kind of pictures do you tend to take more often?

    • Tourist attractions
    • Food and selfies
    • People and the places you visit
    • Everything in nature
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    Where would you rather travel?

    • Maldives’ soothing islands
    • Paris, the fashion capital of the world
    • Istanbul, the delightful city with amazing crowd
    • Peru’s Machu Picchu excites me