Take this reliable What emotions are you feeling right now quiz to get the accurate answers.

What emotions are you feeling right now quiz

Have you been feeling a certain type but can’t explain what it exactly is?

We all have our days of highs and lows.

For some reason we fail to understand what emotions are controlling us. You may be feeling really happy or really sad or just nothing at all. But it’s important to know what it exactly is.

If you’re under such feelings and need some direction to know where your emotions are lying, fill out answers to this “What emotions are you feeling right now quiz”.

  • Question of

    How many hours of sleep have you been getting?

    • Very little
    • A lot of sleep
    • Enough for me to function
    • The right amount of sleep
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    How easy or difficult is for you to talk about your feelings?

    • Very difficult because I’m bad at expressing
    • I struggle with it but manage
    • It’s not that difficult
    • I’m an open book
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    Do talk to your pet or objects about your feelings?

    • Yes, all the time.
    • Sometimes, yes.
    • Not that much.
    • Don’t we have humans to talk?
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    How much time do spend on your social media apps or websites?

    • Never ending amount of time
    • Very long, I have to consciously tell myself to stop
    • 3 hours maximum
    • Half an hour or so
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    How fast is your heart beating right now?

    • A lot more than usual
    • It is slightly pacy
    • It beats fast and then goes back to normal
    • It’s beating normally
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    Did anything negative happen throughout the day?

    • Yes, something very tragic
    • Yes, but it wasn’t too bad
    • No, but the remaining of the day is still there
    • No, I have had a good day so far.
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    If you were stuck in a traffic jam right now, what would you do?

    • Keep honking until there’s a movement
    • Keep checking my watch and anticipate my arrival time
    • Look around and wave at the other drivers
    • Put on my favorite music and jam to it
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    Do you enjoy spending time alone?

    • Yes, I always want to be by myself.
    • Yes, most of the time.
    • No, I like to be around people most of the time.
    • I hate being alone.
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    When was the last time you went to a social gathering?

    • I don’t even remember
    • A few months ago
    • A few weeks ago
    • It was yesterday
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    Were you feeling the same emotion yesterday?

    • Yes, I’ve been feeling this way for a long time
    • A little bit
    • Not really
    • Not at all.