Find Out What Era Is Your Face From?

What Era Is Your Face From

Everyone has questioned at least once in their lives- “am I good looking?” But the answer is never a straight one. You will never get only one correct answer to this question.

Beauty standards have changed over the years, and what is once considered beautiful changes as time passes.

Everyone is beautiful in their own ways, but unbeknownst to you, you might be adorning a few beauty standards of the bygone days.

So are you a beauty icon from the ’90s or from the ’70s? Take “what era is your face from?” Quiz and find the answer for yourself!

  • Question of

    Which one of these items is your most prized possession?

    • My mascara
    • Definitely blush
    • The body glitter
    • I cannot live without my eyeliner
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    What shape of body do you think you have?

    • An hourglass probably
    • I consider myself an apple shape
    • I am more rectangular
    • I might be an upside-down triangle
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    What’s your best strength?

    • I’m quite creative
    • You can trust me wholeheartedly
    • My dedication to anything
    • I am very disciplined
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    Would you consider yourself a tall human?

    • I’m petite and short
    • Yes. I’m quite huge
    • Not really
    • For sure
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    What is the one pet peeve that angers you the most?

    • Little children who love to scream in public areas
    • People who lie
    • Unethical behavior’s
    • Cheaters are the worst
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    What is one thing from past fashion trends that you love the most?

    • I love being on present trends
    • Nothing beats the natural look
    • Shiny Lipgloss
    • The old glam in Hollywood
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    Which fashion era is the best, according to you?

    • I love the 90’s
    • Bring back the 70’s
    • Nothing is more fabulous than the ’80s
    • It’s all about the ’60s
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    What is one feature on your face that is most noticeable?

    • My doe eyes
    • My pale and smooth skin
    • My luscious lips
    • My sharp jawline
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    Which among the following is your ideal style icon?

    • I love BeyoncĂ©
    • The famous Marilyn Monroe
    • Queen Elizabeth I, the Queen of style.
    • There’s no one quite like Rita Hayworth.
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    What would you choose as your best feature?

    • My curves, for sure
    • My long, luscious hair
    • Slender legs
    • A full bust