Which wolf is your spirit animal? Answer this quiz to find out

what kind of wolf am I quiz

Wolves are a species that we all fear because of how ferocious they can be.

If you have looked at different species and wondered what wolf you would be, then this quiz is created for you.

Are you a great plains wolf, or a Mexican wolf, or a red wolf?

Let this what kind of wolf am I quiz answer your questions.


  • Question of

    What do you see first in a wolf?

    • The wolf’s tail
    • The wolf’s fur
    • The wolf’s eyes
    • The wolf’s pups
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    Do you enjoy being in a crowd?

    • Of course. I hope to create relations.
    • Sometimes
    • Only when necessary
    • I would rather be free
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    What wolf type do you think represents you and why?

    • The arctic wolf, because of its personality
    • The grey wolf, or the Mexican wolf because of its fur
    • The wolves that are in danger of extinction, for example, the red wolf
    • Alpha wolf because of its leader traits
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    Which is your favorite season?

    • Winter
    • Summer
    • Autumn
    • Spring
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    How would you describe your demeanor?

    • Bold
    • Brave
    • Cunning
    • Curious
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    How would you approach your prey? Like the grey wolf or the buffalo wolf?

    • Test the grounds, study the prey from a distance
    • Get as close as I can
    • Follow the mark for days
    • I proceed with caution the moment I spot it
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    Which of these wolves do you think is the most frightening?

    • Arctic wolf
    • Great plains wolf
    • Red wolf
    • Mexican wolf
  • Question of

    Which quality describes you best?

    • Super hearing
    • Blending into situations
    • Surviving harsh conditions
    • Super sight
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    Which part of the world would you enjoy living in?

    • The Arctic
    • Southern America
    • Northern America
    • The Mediterranean
  • Question of

    Which place are you most likely to be found?

    • I prefer a hollow tree.
    • I prefer a cold cave.
    • A hole in the ground. I would test my limits
    • Behind the bolder