10 Fitness Hashtags to Follow to Boost Your Journey

10 Fitness Hashtags to Follow

For better or worse (probably for better), Instagram is full of fitness-related content, which goes from motivational vids to tutorials and meal prep infographics, all thanks to the plethora of personal trainers and experts that are active on social media.

No matter your level in the fitness world, there is something for you on Instagram, which is a good thing. Today, as Instagram has recently allowed users to follow hashtags, you can narrow down the content displayed on your feed to posts that are directly linked to your fitness preferences and domain.

One thing to keep in mind, though, which is that you must be specific when selecting which hashtags to follow, as not all of them are good and beneficial. In this post, I’ll help you do exactly that by showing you the top ten fitness hashtags to follow today.


Top Fitness Hashtags to Follow


This hashtag is widely used by Instagrammers when posting their new workout routines, which is why you can follow it to get daily motivational content, new posts, and recent updates. That can be especially useful if you’re a beginner, as you’ll be able to see what people are doing so that you can craft your own workout routine.


This is the hashtag to follow if you’re looking for motivation. Instagram fitness influencers and workout gurus often use the hashtag #FitnessGoals when posting motivational pics and progress posts, which can get the blood pumped in your veins as you wait for your next workout session.


Fitness is not just about hitting the gym every day, as nutrition is equally important if you want to reach your goals as fast as possible. If you have no clue how to start with your diet, I recommend following the hashtag #EatClean, as it’s what Instagrammers use when posting healthy meal plans and such.


Bodybuilders from all over the world use this hashtag on a daily basis when showing new workout routines and explaining meal plans, which is why #bodybuilding is yet another one of the best fitness hashtags to follow today.


If you’re looking to supplement your workout routine with new exercises or learn how to perform this press or that flex, follow the hashtag #GymLife on Instagram, and your feed will be full of vids and tutorials that teach everything from bench press to dumbbell lateral lunges.


Everybody knows that one should never skip leg day, but how many actually do that? Worry not, as you can get motivated to hit them hams every Friday by following the hashtag #LegDay on Instagram. Say goodbye to those chicken legs.


Yes, there is a whole other fitness world outside the gym, and it includes a plethora of activities, such as running. If you’re a part of the running community and want to get your skills to the next level and meet like-minded runners, hit the search bar on your phone and follow the hashtag #Running.


Yoga is yet another excellent activity that benefits the body, mind, and spirit, which is why I recommend following the hashtag #YogaLife on Instagram. This is one of the best fitness hashtags to follow as it’s used by Instagrammers when posting videos tutoring new yoga poses and posts.


CrossFit may not be well-regarded by gym attendants, but it’s one of the trendiest fitness fads today, which is why you ought to check CrossFit-related content by following the hashtag #CrossFit.


If you’re simply looking for articles, videos, and pictures that show tips on how to live a healthy life, then grab your phone and start following the hashtag #GetHealthy.


Now that you know the top fitness hashtags to follow, you have no excuse not to start your health and workout journey. Just remember to stay focused and keep your goals realistic, and you should be fine.