Sims 4: How to Become a Mermaid!

Sims 4: How to Become a Mermaid!

One of the highlight features that have come to the Sims 4: Island Living expansion is that you can turn your sim into a mermaid. Just hearing about such a feature should spike the curiosity of anyone who’s a fan of The Sims 4 or even The Sims 3. I mean, it’s even better than doing homework, writing songs, or rotating objects to design your home.

This guide will show you how you can turn your sim into a siren if you so desire. We’ll also be covering the process of morphing back from mermaid form to human form.

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Without further ado, here’s our “Sims 4: How to Become a Mermaid” guide!

Sims 4: How to Become a Mermaid

While the Sims 4: Island Living brings a wide bevy of new features, becoming a mermaid is one of the major new additions. However, it requires a bit of work in order to turn your sim into a mermaid.

How to Create a New Mermaid

If you want to become a siren right away, you can simply create a new sim within the expansion and set them as a mermaid.

To do so, just click on the icon at the left bottom of the screen while you’re in the expansion.

You’ll be able to add a sim from there. Then click on the “special occult lifestyle” option, which will let you create a new sim as a mermaid.

You can further customize your mermaid sim while in the “Siren Editor.” This is the most straightforward way to make a mermaid.

However, you can also turn a pre-existing sim into a mermaid.

How to Turn an Old Character into a Mermaid

If you want to transform an old character into a mermaid, you’ll need to get some Mermaid Kelp. Here’s how you can get some.

By paying 500 Satisfaction in the rewards menu, you can earn Mermaid Kelp.

Additionally, you can dive underwater at Deepwater buoys to look for lost treasure using the special treasures tool (if you have it, of course). These treasures have a change of containing Mermaid Kelp.

The last way you can earn Mermaid Kelp is by exploring the “hidden cave” on the Mua Pel-Am Island. There’s a chance you’ll find Mermaid Kelp.

Now that you have Mermaid Kelp eat it. Your sim will start to fell a “Strange Sensation,” which lasts 24 hours.

Going into the water while the “Strange Sensation” is in effect will cause your sim to transform into a mermaid. Otherwise, it’ll just wear off within 24 hours.

Can You Turn Your Mermaid into a Normal Character?

Not enjoying the mermaid form and want to revert back to human form? Thankfully, that is possible.

If you want to change back into human form, all you have to do is eat two Mermaid Kelp pieces and then reenter the water. This will revert your sim back into human form.

Naturally, you can always enter either state by doing these steps. Consuming one piece of Mermaid Kelp as a human and entering a body of water within 24 hours will turn you into a mermaid.

Consuming two pieces of Mermaid Kelp as a mermaid, and entering a body of water will turn you into a human. You can keep doing this as long as you have enough Mermaid Kelp.

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