Translate Like a Pro with Google – Text in Any Image!

Translate Like a Pro with Google – Text in Any Image!

Struggling with a foreign flick? Translate that scene-stealing screenshot and master the subtitled language!

Are you eagerly peering at a picture of scrumptious vegan cakes but can’t decipher the directions? Or have you captured a news piece on your mobile that, alas, you cannot understand?

Looking for a way to bridge the language gap? Google Translate’s “Image” section is here to grant you insight into what a picture can say.

Unlock a brand new way of translating with the AR Translate Tool, now available on both mobile and desktop! Just like Google Lens, it’s super easy to use – and translates pretty much anything you want with just the click of a button. No more hassle!

Google Translate isn’t just a simple translator, it goes beyond that. It transforms the original text into its translated version so much that it’s like you’re reading in the original language from the beginning.

It’s almost like a collage – you can see the translations layered on top of the original language. Sometimes it meshes together smoothly, other times it looks a bit homemade…but it gets the job done! After all, that’s what matters most: being able to comprehend what you’re reading.

If you’re feeling daring, check out Google Translate. On desktop, click the “Images” tab. If you’re on a phone, just open the app and tap the camera icon on-screen. Let Google into your photo library (don’t worry – you’ll be asked permission first), and watch what happens next!

Quickly convert text with Google Translate, then save your translation to copy, paste, download or even have it read aloud. On mobile? Just send it back to the Translate app! That’s it no further action required.