Is Underground Mining Technology Reviving the Scope of The Mining Industry?

Underground Mining Technology

The world of mining has always been seen as thrilling and dangerous. As the fatality rate and the injury chances in this industry are comparatively higher than the other industries.

Moreover, in the mining sector, underground mining has also been considered to be the riskiest one. The other brings open surface (pit), placer, and in-situ mining.

However, today with the advent of technology and the modern introduction of IoT this field has revived its scope.

Providing safer working conditions, underground communication, automation, and faster response emergency access them ever before.

The role of the IOT hub from industry leaders like Newtrax are empowering the mining industry with its unique artificial intelligence data aggregation platform is worth mentioning here.

Increasing the productivity ratio, decreasing the risk factors, and less employee turnover. Therefore, increasing the scope of underground mining at large.

Removes Gender Stereotypes Related to Mining

The field of mining has been stereotyped to be dangerous for women. The introduction of technology in this field has made it less prone to injury and accidents.

Moreover, with the underground mining technology, more jobs will be performed at a long distance from the rock face.

For instance, automated technology means less direct exposure to the minerals.

These include automated trucks, automated drilling and tunnel-boring systems, automated ventilation systems, and automated long-distance trains, Opening the door of this field for the women.

Hoping to eliminate the gender gap in the world of underground mining.

Increase Productivity Ratio

The real-time data collection and technology lead calculations allow the measurement of the key performance indicators.

Making accurate estimates about the productivity rate of a project. Therefore, these data insights empower the operational teams to predict the profit and the loss of a project beforehand.

Allowing them to make changes in the project management plans. This, in turn, not only increases the productivity rate but also boosts the pace of project completion.

Indeed, reducing the fears of financial loss and long period completion of projects.

Environmental Impacts of Green Technology in Mining

In mining green technology is the technology that reduces carbon emission during the mining procedures and halters adverse environmental effects.

The introduction of green technology in the mining sector led companies to reverse the negative impacts of human activity on the planet.

Therefore, increasing the scope of this field for environment lovers and green supporters.

Enhance The Safety of Workers

Underground mining technologies such as technological monitoring of personnel positioning, collision warning system, and the collision avoidance system allow efficient execution of the monitoring safety solutions.

Which includes emergency evacuations, and the safety of lone workers working in the field.

Therefore, declining the risk of workplace injuries, fatalities, and capital losses in those cases increased the employee turnover ratio.

Increased Digitization and IT Scope in Mining

Underground mining industries are now becoming an IoT (Internet of things) hub. With their own AI- artificial intelligence lead data collection platform. This introduction of networked sensors, machinery, and satellites along with other sources provides unprecedented data to the mining operators.

Allowing them to increase the development velocity with faster release cycles. Indeed, when powered by the new generation of digitalization this field will become more scalable, and inclined towards the deployment of automation.

Indeed, underground mining technologies have revolutionized the mining sector with better employment opportunities and less risk ratio.

Evolving every aspect of this field starting from the risk factor, continuing with the gender disparity and conservation of environment while ending with the database advancement.

Therefore, modernizing to cope up with the new demands of this digitalized world and high scope of Information technology.