ADDA: Apartment Management Software at its Finest

Security Deployment by ADDA

If you’ve been in the apartment management for some time, you should know by now that it is no small feat. No matter whether you’re managing a commercial property, apartment complex, housing society, family homes, or a student housing property, there are many things that you need to track and control, and you can only do so much yourself. That’s why many property managers are starting to move to the digital world, where everything is just a few clicks away.

How are they doing it?

By using apartment management software such as ADDA, of course!

Why Apartment Management Is Better off Being Digitalized 

Many management committees are shifting their attention to the digital world, and for good reason. Here’s why this task is better off being managed digitally:

Accounting Becomes a Breeze

Unfortunately, accounting systems aren’t always up to the expectations of apartment managers. Although MRI, Yardi, and even in-house programs are quite efficient as standalone systems, they’re not that great when it comes to internal communication (as in among each other). The last thing you need is to head to another office to check the accounting information of a certain tenant because their leasing data is stored in a different program, in a different location.

By digitalizing the process and using an apartment management software, you’ll be able to access a tenant’s last name, all their relevant leasing docs and data, as well as their payment records by performing a simple double-click. Your residents, on the other hand, will be able to pay their maintenance dues and submit their maintenance requests with a few clicks. Isn’t that just convenient?

Forget the Hassle of Facility Management

Why spend hours filling out forms and printing pictures taken with your phone when you can simply do that digitally and keep all your forms and photos stored on your server so that they can be accessed anywhere, anytime? By digitalizing your property management system, you’ll be able to inspect and keep track of all your facilities without leaving your desk. Through the ADDA app, residents can book all its facilities without breaking a sweat.

Security Is a Priority

By integrating apartment management software in your society, your tenants will be able to communicate with the security guards regarding their visitors without leaving their house. With the same kind of software, you can easily manage all the move-ins and outs and keep track of all the entries and exits without having to hire an army to guard the society your committee is managing.

Maintenance Requests on the Fly

When you have an apartment management software in place, the tenants won’t find it hard to file their maintenance requests whenever they deem necessary.

And, of course, Communication!

Do you frequently need to announce news to the residents of the society you manage? Well, set up an apartment management software, and broadcasting important information to every member of the community will become a breeze!

ADDA: Digitization Done Right!

ADDA shines in a sea of systems and software that claim to be the best when it comes to society management. The name says it all. ADDA means a community gathering with friendly discussion, which is precisely what the company, and their app, strives to achieve.

The SaaS (Software as a Service) product offers the members of each society to communicate with each other and manage their properties, whether they be residential or commercial, from the comfort of their couches. From accounting and facility management to security and communication, everything is covered by the ADDA app, which is why it’s the leading choice for Apartment Residents and their Managing Committees across south Asia.

San Banerjee - Adda CEO

ADDA was founded back in 2009 by San Banerjee and Venkat Kandaswamy as ApartmentADDA but was recently rebranded to become ADDA. There are several reasons for the change, the main being that the new brand name is shorter and more concise, which means that it’s simpler to pronounce and use. And what does the company want to offer but simplicity for its users? Remember, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” – or so says Da Vinci.

Other reasons for the change include the fact that ADDA, as a name, is more global. ADDA is a big company, with operations all over the globe and offices spread across India, Singapore, and Dubai, so it’s easy to see why the company got a new, cooler name.

ADDA: A Feature for Every Purpose

As apartment management software, ADDA offers a variety of products and services, all of which contribute to making the software all the more convenient for both residents and management committees.


The main product offered by ADDA is their ERP, or Enterprise Resource Planning, which allows management committee members to manage their society and automate several back-office functions from a single platform.

First and foremost, ADDA’s ERP allows association members as well as property managers to access and manage all of their users’ data and information and communicate with them through the platform. Whenever you have an important announcement to make, simply broadcast it to all the users through the app, and they’ll be informed instantly.

Another great feature that we truly like is the Facility Booking function. Through ADDA ERP, management committees can setup and configure booking options for common facilities, which can be really convenient for both the residents as well as the associations and facilities – both practically and financially.

The Helpdesk tracker is yet another convenient feature, as it can eliminate all the hassle and paperwork that come with maintenance complaints and escalations. Through ADDA’s ERP, managers will be able to track claims, requests, and even suggestions from the comfort of their homes.

The list of features offered through ERP goes on and on, and we couldn’t illustrate and review all of them here, but you get the gist. Simply put, ADDA ERP removes the incontinence and takes care of the elbow grease of community management so that committee managers can focus on pushing their societies further.

ADDA Gatekeeper

ADDA Gatekeeper

Managing a society is no small feat, especially that the committee managers are responsible for everyone’s security within their community. Fortunately, that’s another department in which ADDA excels thanks to its Gatekeeper feature.

ADDA Gatekeeper is a smart feature that takes the guesswork out of security in apartment management systems. What’s even more convenient is that the feature can be used by the residents, the management, and the security guard(s).

Through Gatekeeper, Committee managers can monitor all the security processes laid down by them, all while protecting the privacy of the residents and visitors by allowing only authorized personnel to access their data.

Gatekeeper is equally beneficial for the residents, as it allows them to communicate with security guards regarding their visitors without having to be physically there. Gatekeeper also allows residents to manage their domestic staff and keep track of their attendance, contact details, and work information.

Finally, security guards can use Gatekeeper to manage visitors, move-ins and outs, and staff entry/exit, which can really make their job easier when it comes to keeping the community safe.


Although both ERP and Gatekeeper can be beneficial for the residents of different communities, it’s the ADDA app that genuinely resonates with them.

Through the ADDA app, the tenants and owners within the community can stay in touch all the time and take care of everything using their smartphone, thus saving them the hassle of dealing with paperwork and direct payments.

The app integrates with major online payment gateways and UPI to allow tenants to pay their maintenance dues without leaving their houses. Not only that, but ADDA’s app allows residents to keep in touch with their tenants, manage their visitors, and track the work of their domestic staff. Owners, on the other hand, can use the application to take care of their properties through a well-organized dashboard that’s bound to take their productivity to the next level.

To get a taste of the ADDA App and feel the convenience it offers, you can try it out from ADDA’s website.


Managing a community is no walk in the park, and that applies to both the management committee and the residents of the society. Taking care of accounting, security, maintenance requests, etc. can be overwhelming. That is why you ought to look for an efficient apartment management software that can help you manage all of that within a clean, organized dashboard – such as ADDA.

ADDA has been in the business for years, and countless management committees are relying on the system’s resources and intelligence to alleviate their work and minimize the elbow grease in their societies. That’s why it has nothing but raving reviews everywhere.

If you’d like to take a look at the software and see if it’s something you’d like to implement in your society (something I truly encourage), you can visit their website at