Guide on Getting into Shape at 40 – Age Is Just a Number!

Getting into Shape at 40

Getting fit is essential, and that’s not up for debate, even if you’ve already reached your 40s. As a matter of fact, if you reached the fourth decade of your age, it’s all the more reason to start giving your body the attention and exercise it deserves to keep your immune system the boost it needs. Furthermore, most people start noticing changes that they don’t like in their bodies at 40, which is why you ought to keep ahead of the pack and get in shape to fight those undesired changes.

Now, the question is; how can you go about getting into shape at 40?

Well, keep reading, and you’ll find out soon enough. In this guide, I’ll show you the top five ways to get into shape when you’re in your fourth decade.

1.Do What You Love

Exercise is hard; there’s no denying that. One might lose motivation quickly and abandon their fitness goals quite easily, which is why most people don’t follow through with their new year fitness resolutions. That’s why the first advice in my guide to getting fit at 40 is to do something you love rather than something that makes you feel annoyed and bored. 

To do that, let your imagination run wild before deciding. Getting fit is not about hitting the gym six days a week. There are different kinds of exercise that you can try, including swimming, running, hiking, tennis, Zumba, body conditioning, salsa, etc. Remember that the more you try, the more confident you’ll become in what your body could do. Trust me, you’ll find something that will get you hooked eventually, and when that happens, practice regularly, and you’ll find yourself on the right path to getting fit at 40.

2.Set Realistic Goals for Getting into Shape at 40

Let’s be realistic; your body at 40 is not our body at 20, which is why you need to set realistic goals and expectations. I mean, sure, you can rock a good beach body at an older age, but that would require years of practice. So, set up an ultimate target that you want to reach, then break it down into manageable steps (both physically and schedule-wise) that you can achieve. That way, you’ll get more motivated each time you reach a milestone.

To track your progress, you can make use of your phone’s calendar as well as other tracking devices. Don’t fear technology, embrace it, and it shall help you in your fitness journey.

I also recommend exercising with a friend or family member. Not only will that make the whole process more sociable and full of fun, but it will also keep you accountable.

3.Don’t Compare Yourself with Others

There’s no point in comparing yourself with others, especially younger ones, when you’re working on getting into shape at 40. Each of us is different, so it’s only natural for us to progress differently. Just because your Facebook or WhatsApp friend can run a marathon or lift tens of pounds, doesn’t mean that you have to do the same. What’s important is for you to stick to your own goals, period.

4.Don’t Rush Things While Getting into Shape at 40

When one is 40, they start experiencing more ache and pains from exercise, which is why you mustn’t go from zero to daily exercise. Instead, make gradual changes as you progress. Even better, hire a professional who can create a custom training plan for you and guide you through it. That way, the process will be even easier, and you’ll start noticing changes faster.

5.Keep Any Medical Condition in Mind

As you grow older, you may start to experience some age-related medical conditions, such as arthritis, hypertension, and diabetes. If you have any of those conditions, you need to consult your healthcare provider before starting any kind of fitness routine or diet. There’s no shame in that, and it will keep your body out of harm’s way.

Verdict: Is Getting into Shape at 40 Easy?

Not at all. The road will be full of ups and downs, so you need to be consistent, especially if you don’t want to spend your older days relying on others to help you with simple tasks.