10 Tips to Avoid Break Down at Work in 2023

How to Aavoid Break Down at Work

It happens to the best of us. You might be working hard one day, juggling tons of different stuff and mowing through workload like there’s no tomorrow, but then the next day you feel all of your energy drained, and you can’t do anything like you used to anymore. That’s the pesky burnout that every worker hates with a passion.

Worry not, as you’re not alone. In this article, I’ll detail the top 10 tips that you can follow to avoid breaking down at the office.


As most of us will be back in office irrespective of us liking it or not, this gudie will help you prepare for your office life in 2023 and beyond.

What Is Office Burnout or Break Down?

Burnout is the state of being in constant fatigue that you can’t seem to get out from no matter what you do. Some other symptoms include lack of sleep, stress, and, sometimes, pessimism. This might prove to be a detriment to your productivity as it will surely reduce it if not end it outright.

It is a truly widespread problem in our society as 20% of employees are in danger of falling into this issue. These are the reasons you should avoid this at all costs, and I’m here to tell you how to do that.

How to Avoid Break Down at Work

1.      Plan Your Day Ahead

This is a tip that will drastically transform your workflow. For that, I recommend writing out your plan for the coming day and your reflection on the current one every day before getting off work

This is a good step to just let everything off before you go home, so you don’t have to keep thinking about any hanging tasks or anything while giving yourself time to get some rest and handle the next day with clear objectives. This is also optimal in letting your brain come up with solutions while you sleep.

2.      Go Easy on the Caffeine

Consuming caffeine might seem tempting when you are tired and want to get that extra energy boost, but you should go easy on it, or it will have a drastically adverse effect on your system.

Coffee can cause bad side effects like anxiety, while also leaving you a wreck after the stimulating effect is over; thus, you’ll waste even more time recovering from that than what you’ve gained. If you are a big consumer and want to give yourself a break, there are many alternatives that are much healthier, green tea being a prime example.

3.      Just Sleep!

Lack of sleep can be one of the most troubling symptoms of burnout, and this has serious effects on your functioning. For instance, it causes fatigue and increases the risk of accidents as well as some chronic diseases, such as depression. You shouldn’t mess with your sleep schedule. Try to get between 7 to 9 hours of sleep which is the healthy dose for a normal adult.

4.      Exercise to Avoid Break Down

Exercise might seem counter-intuitive as, by working out, you’re basically tiring yourself even more outside of work, but rest assured as this is an extremely beneficial practice. That’s because it eliminates stress which falls off your shoulders like leaves in autumn.

Moreover, exercise has many other advantages like improving self-confidence and memory. Another great side effect is the satisfaction you get from being healthy and in shape, as this will result in none other than soaring productivity in the long term.

5.      Laugh More Throughout the Day

Laughter is an extremely positive behavior both on a social and psychological level. Be that cheerful person in the office!

Laughing has so many health benefits and so little drawbacks that you might as well spend your whole day laughing. You should especially avoid being that grumpy folk that everybody despises at work.

6.      Socialize, Socialize, Socialize!

If you confine yourself to the work environment all day, then the best way to fill out your charge is to connect with a social circle outside of your job. Otherwise, you might risk break down and even becoming isolated, as the distance between you and the other people in your life keeps growing deeper. That is why you should seek out activities and don’t miss weekend outings.

7.      Learn to Say NO

It is especially tempting to accept every opportunity that comes your way, as you might fear what you could probably miss out on if you don’t take it on. That becomes tiring very quickly though, especially in a professional setting.

Going out and traveling often, attending events and seminars multiple time per week, and meeting people on the daily may seem fun, but such activities may wreak havoc on your health in the long run. Your mental well-being might begin to deteriorate at a rapid rate, even though your body will resist it for a while.

Moreover, your work will soon be affected as you struggle to put up with the effort needed to finish the job. That is why you should diagnose this case as soon as you find yourself caught up in it. Don’t overload your schedule in such a way that you don’t have any time even to take a breath!

Simply put, start saying “no” when you feel you can’t do something or need time to take a rest! Resist the temptation to do everything at the same time, and avoiding break down shall be easier.

8.      Take a Sick Day When It’s Necessary

If you are stressed and can’t be even nearly as productive as you are on your best days, you might as well take sick leave to refresh your energy. That is especially important as 60% of all time spent in the workplace goes to waste due to fatigue. Working while burned out might make so bad that that no medication can help relieve your pain anymore. Yes, even Panadol won’t help in that case. So, even if your boss doesn’t agree on it that much, you can help them and take some rest while you can.

9.      Keep Good Company to Avoid Break Down

Whether inside or outside work, having good colleagues to whom you complain about your mean boss is necessary. That’s why you should make sure you bring positivity to your friends and your peers in the office while trying to have as much connection as you can. That will compensate if you have a toxic workspace that drains all of your energy, as well as reenergizes you to tackle work again and avoid break down.

10. If Nothing Works, QUIT

In case you find yourself doing something you aren’t fond of, then just stop doing it and find out what you really want to do in life. If your collegues are mean to you, there’s no reason validates keeping such a job. Your work environment is the thing that might make or break your mental health. And that’s something you don’t really mess with. That’s why you should quit whenever you find yourself in such a situation. And that’s how you can ultimately avoid break down at work!