7 Health Benefits of Curry Leaves

Cover photo showing curry tree - health benefits of curry leaves

Chances are, leaves aren’t anywhere near the top of your “favorite foods” list, and for good reason. That said, some leaves, including those of the curry tree, have great health benefits. So, what are the health benefits of curry leaves?.

The Leaf That Should Be a Superfood

There really are some exceptional types of plants out there in the world.

Plants with leaves that give off a distinct taste, or are sweet, or even give you a psychedelic trip, or energizing leaves with possible additivity (like coca leaves), but few leaves have so many different properties as the ‘curry leaf’.

The curry leaf is also considered as the ‘Hindi Superfood’, and not without reason!.

We’re really excited to talk about this special leaf because it’s so incredibly special!.

Great for Flavor, but That’s Not All

The curry leaf has a very distinct and rich flavor, and for many years in India, the curry leaf tree was grown for just that: flavor in the kitchen.

However, at some point, it became clear there’s much more to this tasteful leaf than was previously considered.

The leaf turns out to have many beneficial properties for becoming and staying healthy, and in so many different ways! To start off, curry leaves are rich in vitamins A, B, C, and B2.

Health Benefits of Curry Leaves: Good for Losing Weight

Curry leaves are known to help regulate cholesterol in the body. This is due to a particular kind of alkaloids being present in the leaves, known as ‘Carbazole Alkaloids’.

A way to incorporate these leaves into your diet for helping to lose weight is to either just munch on them during the day or to add them to your food.

You can add them to a salad, or dried to a meal. Whichever you prefer.

It’s Been Known to Help Treat Dysentery, Constipation, or Diarrhea

If your stomach’s upset, try consuming these curry leaves! A well-known method to consume them for a stomach condition is to grind dried curry leaves and to add them to buttermilk.

Soft to the stomach, the leaves will stimulate digestive enzymes and help to produce a bowel movement.

Health Benefits of Curry Leaves: Anti-Bacterial Properties

Curry leaves contain a substance known as Linalool, which is responsible for their distinct scent. Linalool works anti-bacterial, so it actually kills bacteria!.

It can be applied when your body is infected with harmful bacteria, or when you’re suffering ‘oxidative damage’ in your body.

Linalool also helps to remove free radicals from your body.

Also, the previously mentioned Carbazole alkaloids, are responsible for fighting off inflammation, and even have anti-cancer properties!

Helps with Nausea, Often During Pregnancy

Many pregnant women around the world, and very many in India, consume curry leaves during their pregnancy.

That’s because it has anti-nausea properties as well. If you’ve been suffering from nausea in the mornings, consume some curry leaves when you wake up!.

They’ll help you contain your nausea and helps to prevent you from vomiting and upsetting your stomach further.

Other Well-Known Health Benefits of Curry Leaves

For starters, they are known to help lower blood glucose levels, which make them effective for fighting off diabetes.

Because curry leaves contain a fair bit of Vitamin A, it’s also believed by many that it has eye-sight supporting or recovering properties.

It’s also been shown in studies that the consumption of Linolol helps to reduce anxiety, depression, and stress.

If you add some water to ground curry leaves and make a soft paste out of them, you can apply them to wounds, with a medical gauze around them, and the Carbazole alkaloids will help you to disinfect the wound, and to have it heal sooner. It’s applicable for wounds, burns, and skin eruptions.

Also, curry leaves have been known to help hair growth! It stimulates the hair follicles and helps against dandruff, greying, and more.

It’s also considered that curry leaves help against Alzheimer’s and decline of memory. If you want to keep a good memory, then it’s highly recommended to keep consuming curry leaves!.

Conclusion: The Health Benefits of Curry Leaves

What a rich and varied leaf is the curry leaf!.

It has so many beneficial properties, and for so many different things, that it can really be considered a miracle-food.

We suggest you find a place to buy them and get to consume them on a daily basis! It will definitely help you to create an awesome healthy lifestyle, where you’ll be energized and feeling strong and well.