Do My Parents Love Me Quiz? Find Out NOW

Do My Parents Love Me Quiz

No matter what your gender-orientation is, whether you’re young or old, a single-child or one of many, many children struggle with the question of whether or not their parents actually love them.

Unfortunately, not all parents love their children equally. On the other hand, some parents may really love you but aren’t sure how to show it.

As a child, knowing whether your parents love you or not is an important factor in how much attention you give them.

If your parents are loving, then you should show them more appreciation. If they aren’t, then maybe it’s time to move on and focus on yourself.

Before you jump into a decision, though, you need to know how they feel. Most of the time, they won’t tell you outright, either.

If you’re ready to learn the truth, then take the Do My Parents Love Me Quiz! It’ll just take a few minutes and will tell you everything you need to know.

  • Question of

    Were your parents together while you were growing up?

    • Both of my parents left me
    • One of my parents left
    • My parents separated or divorced
    • My parents were together
  • Question of

    As a child, did you get in trouble often?

    • I was always in trouble
    • Sometimes
    • I was mostly good
    • I was the perfect child
  • Question of

    Did you make good grades in school?

    • I had terrible grades
    • I had okay grades
    • I had good grades
    • I was at the top of my class
  • Question of

    How did your parents react to bad grades?

    • They punished me
    • They sternly told me to do better or else…
    • They hired a tutor for me
    • They asked what was wrong and tried to help me understand better
  • Question of

    How many siblings did you have?

    • 3 or more
    • 2 or more
    • I had 1 sibling
    • I was the only-child
  • Question of

    Did your parents make you do chores?

    • I did ALL of the chores
    • I helped out when asked
    • I took care of my own messes
    • My parents cleaned up after me
  • Question of

    What age were you potty-trained?

    • 6
    • 5
    • 3
    • 2
  • Question of

    What food did you eat for dinner most?

    • Pizza and fast-food
    • Rice and beans
    • Pasta
    • Healthy, home-cooked meals
  • Question of

    What movies were you allowed to watch as a kid?

    • Anything- horror, action, romance, etc.
    • I could watch PG-13 movies
    • I wasn’t allowed to watch violent or graphic movies
    • I was only allowed to watch documentaries and cartoons
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    Did your parents pick favorites?

    • I was the least-appreciated
    • I don’t think so
    • My parents were fair
    • I was the favorite child
  • Question of

    Do you argue with your parents a lot?

    • Every time I see them
    • It depends on the topic
    • Once in a while
    • Almost never
  • Question of

    Did your parents help you pay for school supplies?

    • Never
    • On few occasions
    • They made sure I had what I needed
    • I had everything I needed
  • Question of

    Were you allowed to have friends?

    • I was never allowed to have friends
    • I had a few friends
    • I had lots of friends
    • My friends came over all the time
  • Question of

    Did your parents take you out to eat?

    • No, not ever
    • When I made good grades
    • For special occasions
    • Anytime I asked
  • Question of

    Did your parents buy you new clothes?

    • I only wore donated clothes
    • My clothes were always purchased on-sale
    • When I outgrew my old ones
    • Whenever I wanted them
  • Question of

    Did your parents celebrate your birthday?

    • No, they forget
    • I get a present every year
    • I was allowed to have a small party
    • My parents threw a surprise party
  • Question of

    How much did you sleep?

    • My parents kept me up late
    • My parents didn’t care about bedtime
    • My parents told me to get 8 hours of sleep
    • I had a strict bedtime
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    Did your parents praise you?

    • Everything I do is wrong
    • Once in a while
    • They let me know when I’m right
    • They praise everything I do
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    Have your parents ever hit you?

    • Yes, a LOT
    • Only sometimes
    • No, they grounded me instead
    • No, they talked to me instead
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    Do your parents encourage hobbies?

    • They don’t like my hobbies
    • They don’t care about my hobbies
    • Sometimes, when they’re interested
    • They always ask about my interests