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negative parenting test

A negative parenting test will allow you to understand your parenting style. There is a wide variety of parenting patterns that people adopt when they first become parents. It is subject to change as time passes, but there’s always a chance that these parenting styles get passed down from one generation to the next.

So there’s the age-old question of whether you are projecting the way that your parents treated you as a child to your children or if it is a way of retaliating to how you were raised now that you are a parent?

There is no straight yes or no answer to this question, and it is hard to say for sure if there even is a parenting style that is the most ideal. However, there are polarities regarding parenting styles which are positive and negative.

Additionally, there are many instances where the two spouses adopt different parenting styles, making it more difficult for the child to truly understand the family’s rules. The most common problem seen between parents who have adopted different parenting styles is that when one is very strict, the other becomes too lenient, making it more difficult for the child to navigate the relationship.

This, in essence, is a negative parenting situation that affects the child and the relationship between the parents or, in the case of single parents, the relationship between the parent and the child.

While the parents don’t need to have the same parenting techniques, some overlap is necessary for the child to understand the relationship between parent and child more easily. The child and the parents should also compromise on certain aspects before involving the child in the conversation.

After taking this negative parenting test, you’ll get results that show your negative parenting pattern so you can better understand your parenting style.

  • Question of

    How was your parents’ reaction if you had to compete in a school competition?

    • They makes sure to let me win
    • They didn’t care about my school activities
    • I knew I had to do well because they expect that from me
    • I don’t think my parents cared as long as I was happy doing what I did
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    Whenever you won an award at school, how did your parents react?

    • They liked to show off my accolades to family members and friends
    • It was hard to tell their emotions
    • Nothing much
    • They loved every achievement of mine. It’s still framed in the house.
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    Do you believe in the saying that parents are teachers who are preparing their children to face the most challenging examination, i.e., life?

    • Of course. How else will children get through life?
    • In a way, we teach them to handle their emotions well
    • For sure. Parents are the best teachers.
    • I would like to think of parents and children as friends
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    Would you say that your parents wanted you to succeed in life?

    • It was pretty evident with all the extracurricular activities they pushed me to do
    • I guess so. They just never really spoke directly to me about it
    • To be honest, it was me who did all the pushing since I was always scared to let them down
    • Yes, but they never pressured me to do anything
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    Do you agree that since childhood is short-lived, parents should do everything to make it the best one?

    • Too much enjoyment will make them lose the ultimate goal
    • Life is a struggle. There’s no time to have fun.
    • It’s not the parents’ job to make childhood fun, and the children should do it themselves.
    • Of course. I want my children to have a lot of fun
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    How high were your parent’s expectations of you when growing up?

    • Extremely high
    • I couldn’t say. We weren’t talkers
    • I set my bars and expectations
    • They never pushed me to do anything, and it was free will.
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    Did your parents check up on you often when you were away from home?

    • Yes. But they also gave me some space when I asked for it.
    • Not really.
    • I was usually the one giving them updates.
    • All the time. They didn’t like me being away from home
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    Do you believe that children can learn for themselves as long as you provide the basic needs?

    • Yes. But they also gave me some space when I asked for it.
    • Not really.
    • I was usually the one giving them updates.
    • All the time. They didn’t like me being away from home
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    Would you say that your parents were supportive of your dreams growing up?

    • It felt like I was living their dream and not mind
    • Not really. They didn’t seem interested.
    • I was always under pressure
    • Always. They liked to do everything with me.
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    Do you agree that you must discipline young children?

    • Yes. Parents play a significant role in that
    • Of course. I agree
    • Yes. It is the most important lesson to teach your children.
    • Children need free will to grow.
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    Do you remember your parents showering you with love and affection?

    • Only when I did win an award at school
    • I can’t remember
    • Only when they know, I didn’t do anything wrong
    • All the time. Sometimes there was too much love
  • Question of

    Were you a spoiled child?

    • Other people think so since I was always busy doing extracurricular
    • No. I don’t think so
    • Never.
    • Yes. I was their baby.
  • Question of

    What will your parents say if you got in a fight at school?

    • They’ll feel ashamed
    • I don’t think they care about these things
    • Punishment for sure
    • They will call the school to talk to the other kid
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    Growing up, were all your feeling validated by your parents?

    • Most of the time
    • Not at all
    • It always resulted in me getting grounded
    • All the time
  • Question of

    “Children shouldn’t always get their way.” Does this sound right to you?

    • Somewhat agree because they need to be disciplined at some point
    • Completely agree with the statement
    • Children need to be reprimanded for their wrongs
    • I think you need to give children a little bit of freedom
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    Would you say that your parents are emotional individuals?

    • I wasn’t aware
    • Least emotional people I know
    • I mostly saw the negative side of their emotions
    • My parents are very emotionally aware
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    Suppose you were invited to a sleepover; how do your parents react?

    • They would make sure that I was on my best behavior
    • They wouldn’t care so much about a sleepover
    • They do background checks on my friends’ house and their parents.
    • They wouldn’t want me out of their sight.
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    Children learn through their trials and errors. There’s no need for punishment. Do you agree with this?

    • Children need good teachers to teach them the best in the world
    • I don’t believe in coddling children
    • No, I do not agree with this at all
    • Yes, I agree. Children’s minds should be free.
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    Do you think that as a parent, it is your right to win every argument because you are always right?

    • Not all the time.
    • Of course, parents have more experience than children, so we know better
    • Parents are mostly always right.
    • Sometimes we need to listen to our children as well
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    Did you ever feel like growing up, your parents were maintaining a social status within the society?

    • Yes. I always felt like I was compared with the best
    • Not really. They were hardly in the picture when it came to my social life
    • Kind of. I was punished for not doing what they asked me to do
    • Maybe they did, but they never showed it to me.