Love At First Sight Quiz (Up To 100% Accurate)

love at first sight quiz

Taking a love at first sight quiz is a great way to figure out whether you have been caught in the throes of this curious form of love.

For ages, the phenomenon of love at first sight has been debated as many people swear by it while others doubt its authenticity. But we’re only beginning to understand that this curious human interaction has a real scientific explanation.

When you make eye contact with that person on the subway, airplane, or street, there’s an electrifying feeling in your gut combined with giddiness. Your heart rate increases, and you feel those proverbial butterflies in your belly, and you don’t really have the right words to articulate. Few things in life can compare to these intense feelings of connecting with your potential soulmate.

Within seconds of these physical and physiological processes, your brain recognizes what you’re looking at is interesting and makes a powerful connection. Sometimes, these intense feelings of initial chemistry can be so strong that they can leave a lasting impression that remains long after the first romantic encounter.

Researchers and psychologists have developed tools, including the love at first sight quiz, to help us better understand this form of love, experienced by a large number of people all over the world.

These science-backed tools and research about love have helped us understand various psychological and physical processes that occur when you meet a stranger and feel an instant attraction.

Research now reveals that these falling in love at first sight feelings are a result of serotonin and dopamine produced in the brain. These instantaneous feelings of attraction are similar to the reactions in the brain of a heroin user. In addition, locking eyes with that special person locks the adaptive oscillators in the brain, making that instant attraction even more strong.

The neurochemical reactions experienced by someone falling in love, at first sight activate the reward mechanism in the brain. This motivates the person to feel the instant reaction to crave intimacy and closeness with the other person in question.

Experts in the field of human experiences with love agree that there are legit reasons why some people might be convinced that they are experiencing love at first sight. You are more likely to feel an instant attraction to someone who is incredibly good-looking. Love at first sight is also possible if you have a desire for love and are looking for a relationship.

However, other reasons for love at first sight include not-so-rosy ones, such as confusing infatuation for love. When one of the partners is fixated on the other and ignores the negative traits, it can also trigger this feeling. Another big reason for falling in love, at first sight is embellishing the story of the first meeting, which is also known as the halo effect.

Whatever your reasons, this love at first sight quiz is a great way to find out if the cupid himself has hit you.

  • Question of

    Would you say that love, at first sight could happen to you?

    • Absolutely! It happens to me all the time
    • It is possible with the right person
    • Hmm, love can happen anytime and anywhere
    • You can experience love all the time
  • Question of

    What is the first attribute that strikes you about someone?

    • Their warm electric smile melts my insides
    • The sparkling eyes are what get me
    • Their gym-toned body
    • Perfectly styled hair and how well they’re dressed
  • Question of

    How quickly do you develop a crush on someone?

    • Every second with anyone I see online and IRL
    • I definitely have had crushes very quickly before
    • I don’t crush on someone that easily
    • I would rather go slowly and see how things develop
  • Question of

    If you showed up on a tinder date and they looked different, what is your first reaction?

    • It doesn’t matter if I feel the electric connection with them
    • Fake an illness and leave the date prematurely
    • You stay anyway because the server was the cutest
    • I like to give them a chance to make a comeback
  • Question of

    Do you often daydream about your crushes?

    • Absolutely! Every waking hour
    • Of course, but only sometimes.
    • I prefer to spend time with them instead of daydream
    • No, I don’t have the time to daydream
  • Question of

    Describe your feeling when you met your crush?

    • My belly churned, and my knees turned to jelly
    • I couldn’t breathe or find the words to say
    • I blushed stupidly and dropped my things
    • I gave them the widest smile
  • Question of

    What was your reaction when your crush smiled at you?

    • Smile right back and say hi
    • Return the smile briefly and look away
    • Blush nonsensically and run away
    • Pretend you didn’t see it and regret it later
  • Question of

    Do you believe that soulmates exist?

    • Yes! And I am constantly searching for them
    • They might exist, but I’m not entirely sure
    • I believe a true connection can happen with the right person
    • If there is a soul mate, why are people divorcing all the time?
  • Question of

    Which romantic Day is your favorite?

    • Valentine’s Day, of course!
    • Boyfriend/girlfriend acknowledgment day
    • National Hugging Day
    • Hmm, they all seem so cheesy to me
  • Question of

    How would you describe your dream romantic date?

    • Date night at a fancy restaurant with candles, roses
    • Pack a picnic basket, walk/hike, and enjoy the outdoors
    • Stay in and watch a romantic show/movie
    • Anything as long I get to spend time with my partner
  • Question of

    Reflecting on your breakups, how do they usually go?

    • My heart gets completely broken every single time
    • I am always the first to leave my relationships
    • It is usually a mutual thing
    • I haven’t really been in a serious relationship
  • Question of

    Which romantic gesture appeals the most to you?

    • When they sing me a romantic song
    • A surprise date or anything that is not planned
    • Flowers and chocolates get me every single time
    • A mushy poem does it for me
  • Question of

    How did your crush/object of attraction react when they saw you?

    • They winked at me, and I died inside
    • Their face lit up, and they looked delighted
    • I got the biggest smile from them
    • They looked straight-faced but nodded in my direction
  • Question of

    Have you seen your crush staring at you?

    • Yes! And they didn’t hide it.
    • Sometimes but they looked away when I saw them
    • Never saw them stare at me
    • I don’t think they know I have a crush on them
  • Question of

    What is your current relationship status?

    • Single and oh so ready to mingle
    • It is complicated
    • I’m in a situationship
    • In a loving and committed relationship
  • Question of

    Have you ever gotten your heart broken?

    • Yes, I have, and it still hurts bad
    • I am usually the one causing the heartbreak
    • My heart was broken several times, but now I’m over it
    • Heartbreaks are an inevitable part of life
  • Question of

    To be honest, do you imagine a life together with someone you just met?

    • Of course! Wedding and kids included!
    • Yes, but just for a fleeting moment
    • Hmm, I might have when I was younger
    • Not really; I’m a realist
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    While scrolling through social media, you come across a romantic proposal; what’s your reaction?

    • Aww, there’s nothing like love
    • I can’t wait for it to happen to me
    • Feel secretly envious but like the post
    • Why do people publicize every detail of their lives?
  • Question of

    Which genre of movie is your all-time favorite?

    • Romantic tear-jerkers
    • A drama based on real-life stories
    • Psychological thrillers
    • Documentaries and reality shows
  • Question of

    Is physical attraction an important element in a relationship?

    • Supremely important, its what drew me to them
    • Of course, everyone needs cute in their lives
    • Important but not a priority
    • Not as important as their personality