Ultimate What Are Your Moral Foundations Test?

Moral Foundations Test

A moral foundations test lets you understand the core of your moral compass. A person’s moral compass is highly subjective to the behavior and process. Many psychologists believe that a person’s moral values are molded through biological and historical evolution.

If you meet someone from another country, you’ll probably experience a culture shock because there are so many differences in how we live our lives. Likewise, traveling to a new country will have the same impact as a Culture Shock.

Despite all these differences, there are still many ways that people are similar to each other; some universal similarities that say what is right and wrong. It can be rightfully said that the morality of a human is determined by the way they were raised, their experiences, and the environment they were exposed to.

Over time, individuals develop a sense of empathy towards certain situations and are sensitive to specific circumstances. These are all part of the moral foundations of a human being.

Experts developed the Moral Foundations Theory to explain these differences in moralities while sharing many similarities between individuals and societies. All human beings have an innate ability that tries to disapprove or approve of a specific action or event, which is unconscious. This is what is considered the learned evolutionary traits that are already hardwired in our minds.

These intuitive ethics can be of many kinds, and each one is toned down or amplified according to how our personality, experiences, and environment have influenced us.

Take this moral foundations test to know where you stand on moral grounds and what your values are.

  • Question of

    Suppose you are on a jury, and someone is accused of doing some wrongs. What is your first thought?

    • The person probably had some related problems that led him to this moment
    • The person might be covering for someone else
    • The person should be punished rightfully by the law
    • No one should live their lives doing wrong
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    Do you believe that everyone deserves respect?

    • Yes, of course. We are all humans with feelings
    • Definitely. Especially when it comes to family
    • Only those who earn it can get my respect
    • Being respectful without question is the noble way to live
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    What is your go-to solution to the problem if you catch someone stealing red-handed?

    • I empathize with the person
    • If the person has stolen from someone I know, I will show no mercy
    • Stealing is stealing. Let the law take care of it
    • Theft is wrong and will not go unpunished
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    If the government were to increase welfare funds’ taxes, what would be your reaction?

    • Welfare funds are for those who need money more than us, so I support it
    • I’m OK with it because it will help the country move forward
    • I’m not OK with paying my hard-earned money to lazy people
    • We should always help one another in every way we can
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    On what grounds do you typically mark something as wrong?

    • If you’ve caused harm to someone
    • If you’ve betrayed someone
    • Being biased is the greatest sin
    • Not living a life of purity
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    How important is justice for you?

    • I’m all for justice but without causing any harm to people
    • It shows the virtue of our society
    • The most important. How can you live in a society without justice?
    • Only the higher power knows what is true justice.
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    When you watch a sad commercial video, how do you react?

    • I am already bawling my eyes out.
    • If the situation is relatable to my life then I feel sad too
    • Unfair treatment videos make me very angry and sad at the same time
    • I’m not into watching formulated advertisements
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    Would you say that you are a team player?

    • Yes because we are people of a community
    • My life motto is strictly, “All for one and one for all.”
    • Yeah, but it depends on how the teams are created
    • Yes. As my teammates share similar values, I’m always a team player.
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    How important is your cultural history for you?

    • It’s essential, but I’d rather not swell on the dark side of the history
    • It’s crucial to me. I want to document everything.
    • It’s the only way to know about society or an individual, honestly
    • It’s not as important as who you’ve become now
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    Do you believe that males and females have different roles to play in society?

    • Nope. You cannot dictate what they can and cannot do
    • Loyalty is the only thing that matters
    • No. everyone is the same. There’s no need to divide roles
    • Gender roles don’t matter. Only the heart does
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    On a scale of 1-10, how highly do you rate chastity in terms of essential virtues in life?

    • 4 to 5
    • 1 to 2
    • Right in the middle: 5
    • A solid 10
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    Do you think it’s fair that some people are born with a silver spoon while others have to suffer because of family background?

    • It’s not fair at all. I hate seeing people suffer.
    • If you look at it from another perspective, there’s a lot of history there, so I can’t say until I have full knowledge.
    • No. nothing is fair about that situation.
    • Everyone is put on this earth for a different reason, so we should accept our lives the way it is
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    “Rules were made to be broken.” Is this an agreeable statement for you?

    • As long as no harm gets in the way
    • I’m a lawful citizen
    • If you break the rules, you need to be punished
    • No. rules are there for a reason
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    Do you believe all authority figures need to be respected regardless of how they treat their subordinates?

    • Yes. Everyone deserves respect
    • Yes. You should always be a team player
    • No. respect is earned. So if I don’t get respect, I don’t give respect.
    • Respecting someone comes at no cost. We should be able to be a little more selfless.
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    What is one virtue to instill in children?

    • Compassion, kindness, and gentleness are vital to me
    • Being a patriot is an essential virtue
    • I want to teach my children always to be unbiased and treat people fairly.
    • Religion is a crucial aspect of life, and children need to be taught the goodness of living a pure life.
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    Are you a person with compassion?

    • Yes. I am
    • I can be when I want to
    • I forget about compassion when it comes to justice
    • Yes. We should all care for one another in the very way we can
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    What is your reaction like if you see someone hurting a harmless and defenseless animal?

    • I am enraged with these kinds of heinous acts
    • I will put up a fight
    • The person needs to be punished by the law for such a crime
    • We should not hurt people or animals.
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    “No harm, no foul.” Do you agree?

    • You should never cause harm to anything or anyone
    • I’m not sure
    • It should be fair to me
    • Violence, whether physically or emotionally, is not the answer
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    Do you believe that loyalty to your family, no matter the circumstance, is a good virtue?

    • Yes. There’s nothing more significant than love
    • Of course, it’s your family
    • No. If they have done you wrong, they don’t deserve your loyalty
    • Family shouldn’t put other family members in such situations.
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    Would you say that you’re a lawful citizen?

    • I hope so. I do my best to stay harmless
    • Of course. I am the most patriotic person I know.
    • I love my country, but sometimes justice is more important than love
    • Surely. I do my best to live by the rules.